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29 minutes ago, Ivybank said:

Yeah he will come back in 3 weeks ,and we will all give him a big cheer, after saying he wouldn't have joined us

if he could turn the clock back!  Your are seriously insane?

We have taken in wayward players before and they have turned out superb for us - folk giving up on a player far to easily on here 

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The under handed insinuation from Barton that he is better than most of the squad and that we are the cause of him playing poorly is absolute arrogance. That's what grates most with me. He plays centre mid. The position where you can stamp authority in a game if you have anything about you - He hasn't done that once in our strip. He hasn't earned the right to criticise his team mates.

I like Barton in general though. He's clearly not your average mouthpiece footballer who gives the same interview after every game. He's got mental health issues (counselling, life journals and talking about reflection all point to that). I think he's struggling with the pressure and the expectation (which he didn't have at Burnley).

He's cut his ties now though. Who gives a monkey fuck how many caps he did or didn't get.

The fact is he's not produced anything good enough to justify his outbursts while he has been here. And he knows it...




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He's not good enough. Holt, Rossiter, Halliday, Kranjcar etc have all been better when they've played. Not as easy as he thought it was going to be, expected to stroll it down here and he's just not been anywhere near the level required. Therefore he thinks that if he keeps telling himself that he's better than everybody else, then it won't matter. Delusional is the word that springs to mind.


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7 minutes ago, DavieAyrshire said:

Surley this cant be a huge ploy can it i mean its his own account on betfred then the shite at training and his books due out next week .All we here from him is he is an intelligent guy but he bets online with his own name/account  i would call that thick myself

If he does come back into the team he's going to need to do his talking on the park , should get a twitter ban from warbs! Can't see him playing again though 

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If that articlae was published yesterday, then it was given earlier in the week, before Barton met with Warburton and the club confirmed that "no party would make further comment". It certainly complicates things, though.

His choice of words is poor at best; at worst, they're cringeworthy.

I can't imagine the rest of the squad will be too pleased with his comments and Scott Brown will be pissing himself on his high chair this morning, chin full of yoghurt, when his carer reads it out to him.

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