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New allegations at Peado FC on BBC Scotland

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8 hours ago, watpnosurrender said:

I have always found that whole thai tims thing very weird

This must be something peculiar to Scotland. I have never seen any indication of this here, short of a few tim strips attached to cunts in the gutter.

Can anyone enlighten me please?

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On ‎14‎/‎04‎/‎2017 at 0:25 AM, reallyruff said:

Neely was sacked from Hibernian when allegations of abuse surfaced but the police were not informed.

He subsequently joined Rangers where it is claimed he continued abusing boys there before the club sacked him over allegations of abuse. The club told the BBC it informed the police, but according to Police Scotland [to BBC] they were unable to confirm whether such a complaint was made by Rangers – despite a number of Freedom of Information requests – and former club executives and football personnel at Rangers during the time were asked for details but the BBC received none.

The Crown Prosecution Service also failed to find details of a report being sent to the fiscal in relation to a complaint made about Neely in 1990. 


So Hivs don't inform police, but just as importantly don't inform Rangers. Then Rangers sack him but the author continues to peddled the obfuscation that there is no evidence of police being informed despite their reply to the FOI request being out there for him to have read.  A glaring omission appears to have been made here is there not. Celtic didn't inform the police about Torbett so why no mention of that fact. They lied in their official publication about the reason for his departure, brought him back, gave him an award for services to the boys club, thereby facilitating his continued abusing. Torbett wasn't brought to justice at the instigation of Celtic, they never sought justice for his victims, on the contrary their regime sought to hinder the investigation and indeed directors were supportive of Torbett in court.

And now we have this arse having the gall to instruct us not to follow an agenda of point scoring.  Perhaps when he can give a full and frank description of events without transparent attempts at revisionism it will be a point worth listening to.  His diatribe is so obviously aimed at rewriting the narrative to being one of making points regarding Celtic's paedophiles being the bad thing you have to suspect if he's been directed from above. Reminds me of the campaign driven by the filth to have us punished 5 years ago, it's orchestration feels familiar. 

Post of the month :tu:

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Well, I guess that's the moral high ground completely evaporated from below their feet.

To think how they would moralise over tax schemes they also used, song choices far less offensive than their own and how a compliant media assisted them.

Where are the moral guardians now? Is Graham Spiers heaping opprobrium upon their child-endangering ways?

Who on earth can continue to support such vile scum after all that has been revealed?


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On 13/04/2017 at 11:57 PM, ritchieshearercaldow said:

They just don't get it, of course child abuse is horrendous and anyone involved should be punished but it's the fact that certain people knew it happened and did fuck all about it, they maybe kicked them out or sacked them but did they inform anyone ?...no

In that article he seems to make out that there is some doubt as to whether Rangers reported it to the police, it fails to say that the police cannot confirm or deny that a report was made and that's because of an on going investigation or they have no records of the report to confirm or deny, they can't say it didn't happen.

Well, that's part of it. Another part is that Kelly and McGinn got shares in Torbett's business and/or a salary from it, continuing that association even after his conviction. The BBC documentary didn't reveal anything that wasn't already known, in that respect, but it was a subtle hint that Kelly and McGinn were either effectively paid off by Torbett or extorted him. 

So not only was there a cover up, not only was there a facilitation of abuse, but two high ranking Celtic board members actually used it for their own personal financial gain. 

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