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The hilarity continues

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:lol: Broadfoots was a fucking beauty 

Best dive I've seen

Same again please 

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16 hours ago, Jonok said:

Just a reminder of the facts.


All Scottish tournaments from 1890 to 2002. Red cards – Celtic 575, Rangers 622. Yellow cards – Celtic 1522, Rangers 1777. Penalties for Celtic – 1027, for Rangers 895. Penalties against Celtic – 328, penalties against Rangers 459."

Tarrier response when presented with evidence is a bit like the pope responding to Hitchens on you tube

Refer to a single incident, lay on plenty hype and make sure your audience is riddled with dumb fucks 

Helps if they are brought up to believe that repeating 10 hail marys squares you with a Murder 

Nice that the law protects the poor papes, not as if their cult is vile and riddled with child rapists 

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