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This coming season.

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That's what happens when you have loads of tarriers on the site, they can easily do shit like this for a wind up, doing genuine Bears out of money and wasting their time.

No low posters should be allowed to buy tickets unless verified by a trusted member on here who can confirm they attend their supporters club etc and I'm sure the low poster guys selling the tickets wouldn't mind taking a pic of the ticket and forwarding it to Admin or a moderator to confirm said ticket does indeed exist.

Respected and trusted sellers like Kai and Southdown should have a pinned thread at the top of the Ticket section which they just update with available bus packages and tickets, rules clearly set out that if anyone asks to buy the tickets but not go on the bus they will receive a visit from BABN and a baseball bat. No shows are banned unless they cover the cost of the tickets etc.



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Just now, Perth_Campsie_Ger said:

Could verified and trusted sellers have something added to their profile to show that they are

On FF they only let people sell that are verified I think they have to send admin a contact number and address to become a  seller. Could do similar and to get entry to the ticket section you have to have 500 posts to stop folk just registering clogging up the forum with the requests. Sure something similar would be easy enough to do. 

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Just browsing through the forum just now and have came across this thread. I work two out of every three weekends so it's hard for me to get to games. Just my luck what days and when the games fall on. But when I'm off I will go. Lucky enough to be going to hibs game Saturday. But how do yous deal with buying and selling in general. I agree with some stuff. Try and meet before game if possible to sell on tickets unless you have dealt with them before, as in maybe the week running up to it. As some matchdays can be a fuck up with traffic and dealing with people that are late. Also how do you deal with the payments, is it just a case of cash when you get there maybe try PayPal or something before it maybe stop people fannying about. And even though I have a low post count what limit would you set. I read this site every day but will maybe not put a lot of comments on. I mentioned my work pattern at the beginning because if I'm struggling would I be in with a shout for a ticket if I asked. Nobody knows me on this site, but I'm genuine person and have low post count so would there be any way to resolve that. I'm in Lodge if that helps as someone said earlier.? I would only ask for away games and someone said they had a gripe about not going on the bus that had spare tickets. Well charge them what the bus would charge on top of the ticket if they don't want to travel with them. Might seem a bit harsh but if you are scraping about for a ticket then I think you would pay a wee bit extra. I only mean in Rangers games being played in Scotland. Not Europe or down south as that would be a different situation altogether. Maybe some other solution could be reached with that. But long but was only a few suggestions as I can't sleep.?

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