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***Feedback Thread***

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Conor has been robbing bears for years lads ,Send the money to him he lives  Aviemore and the tickets always get lost in the post ,I know of lots of lads who have been bumped on various Rangers sites by this lowlife , needs slashed or grassed

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On 17/09/2017 at 17:34, ben51 said:

I have sifted through the previous feedback forum and have taken down the names of all previous posters who have been given positive feedback. These are listed below:


  1.  RFCryan x2
  2.  bannaman
  3.  sportingintengritymyarse x 2
  4.  simplythebest
  5.  bluenose1975
  6.  craignic88
  7.  junior soprano
  8.  ricksendabest
  9.  gascoigne8
  10.   johnH
  11.   leftwinger
  12.   threestripes
  13.   carmyleally 
  14.   pinmonster1872
  15.   judderman
  16.   nine4eight
  17.   fabric
  18.   rfcstuart
  19.   camerons91
  20.    theweeman
  21.    jayzer
  22.    rydo9781 
  23.     jackh72
  24.     cameron1873
  25.     onwardandupwards
  26.     bearsrus
  27.     andyhrfc
  28.     mgartley82
  29.     carmyle ally

Myself and the other staff will try and keep this updated in conjunction with the new feedback logged in this thread. Once you have over 3 positive reviews you will be given the status of 'Trusted Seller' and will disappear from this list. 

Updated the trusted seller list. 

A few have been upgraded to Trusted Seller status as well. 

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2 hours ago, Basrah Bear said:

just saw this thread. @Mr Soprano has sorted me out twice with a ticket now. That's x2 positive recommendations.

Anytime mate.

2 hours ago, ben51 said:

@Mr Soprano

Buzzing now? :lol: 

As ever brother.

2 hours ago, Gustav said:

If I was to give him negative feedback would that take away his trusted seller status?


1 hour ago, ben51 said:

Do you mean more negative feedback?


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