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Johnny Dangerously

Rangers related picture thread

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5 hours ago, Johnny Dangerously said:

Yeah Mo, the wee rat Provan at Sellik and there was a guy at QPR I remember from 70s , none of them wore shin guards. Never liked them myself when I was a star player in my youth ?

Stan Bowles or Rodney Marsh I'm thinking your QPR player is

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4 hours ago, Johnny Dangerously said:


Three amazing signings from Jock Wallace at the start of season 77/78. Won fuck all the season before and then won the treble that season. Smith and Cooper scored in the League Cup Final and Bobby Russell was mom in the scottish cup final - total transfer cost? 165k 

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A star shone over Succoth , in the Parish of Cardross
The moon lit up the Glasgow Green just down from Bridgeton Cross
In a farmhouse a child was born whose destiny was fame
A Messiah of the  Rangers, Tom Vallance was his name

From the Old Toll house in Shandon to Glasgow town he came
To a city that will never ever see his likes again
For 60 years he served the club he helped to form
The club he named The Rangers whose shirt he proudly did adorn

A life member of the Club he loved since 1898
So steeped in blue Tom Vallance was a legend and a great
Loved by all who knew him, respected by his peers
That love has never faded over all those years

Tom I just want to thank you for all that you have done
You gave so much , you gave your all , I view you as a son
A son , a friend, a father, a man unlike no other
Tom the Family of the Rangers all love you like a brother

Your atop the Marble stairway, it’s just where you belong
Your in our hearts your in our souls, the love is oh so strong
The love for our first Captain , the love for one so true
Tom Vallance of The Rangers we owe so much to you

I wished that I had met you, to have warmly shook your hand
To have applauded as you opened up our dear main stand
But I rejoice that one great day my wish will come to pass
When we will meet upon the Master’s hallowed grass

So rest in peace my Brother , we are back where we belong 
The club is free from tyrants, the club is now so strong
We will honour your tradition, the morals you embraced
The Integrity and Valour which defined the life you graced


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