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Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

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Love how the cunts came with a fake apology, hes been doing it for years - just brass neck it and tell everyone they’re bumped if you want to do what he’s doing. Cunts been proper threatened before he’s got money back to boys I know.

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5 hours ago, K.A.I said:


obviously if admin don’t deem this Bears Den worthy they can delete but everyone should be aware imo as he’s notorious for ticket stunts through the last 5 or 6 years.

Well posted @K.A.I. Exactly the sort of thing that should be posted in the Bears' Den to warn as many decent Gers fans as possible. Hopefully will be picked up by other Gers forums too and this guy and any others like him will be stopped and quickly called to account.



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10 minutes ago, Rfc52 said:


Name means king of Ulster 

Name means "lover of hounds"

An early king of Ulster, way way before plantation, was said to be called Connor.

Most Connors i know are fenians but names can be deceiving, be sitting with a boy called Aidan tomorrow at Hampden and singing songs in the orange halls before/after the match.

Anyway, this cunt sounds a wrong yin and deserves to get battered fuck right out of, paying back money (although welcome) is not enough, the intent was there to bump good bears out of money and it's unacceptable. 

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18 minutes ago, ben51 said:

Just so you know I obviously banned his account on here, despite him not using it for a long time.

There have been 3 members banned in the last week due to fucking about posters for tickets.

It simply will not be accepted.

This sounds really dumb and obvious but I reckon we should clearly state in the opening thread that if you say that you will take a ticket you have to pay for it. Doesn’t matter if it is now spare etc if you have said you will buy you have to buy.

Seen a few idiots let down guys like KAI with that in the last week.

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