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***Suggestion Thread***

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Most of our support want a change.

The question is, who will come in and not just improve us, but get us challenging again?

Most say Derek McInnes. He has done a great job at Aberdeen but could he topple our rivals? It's debatable. They seem to suffocate everytime they play the scum.

I actually can't think of anyone who could come in and realise what we need.

Big Eck? Has been poor since he left us. 

Walter? Too old now but would have been everyone's choice had it been 15 years ago.

Souness? Knows what we need but has not managed for years and didn't have the best record.

Frank De Boer? Struggled at Palace but could he handle the pressure here?

I am really struggling to come up with a name who could take over tomorrow where I would have confidence.

And don't say Graeme Murty.

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Id take mcinnes along with a backroom team of kev thomson and neil mccann

Would instil some fight and technique that is sorely lacking.

Really feel for Pedro, really wanted it to work for him as he clearly has the passion. Badly let down by HIS players

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Fuck knows but how Pedro is still here is baffling. Doesn’t help either when some of the players can’t do the fucking basics like punting it up the park without it going out.

Every game I sit and watch and just shake my heed every couple minutes when one of the players does something you would most likely see in a junior game.

Whoever comes in next has got some job to try get these players winning 

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