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On 07/11/2017 at 11:30, NixonRFC said:

That's changing the goalposts, I'd say he does have experience in managing a big club by managing the sheep, whatever we think of them they are big in trems of Scottish Football and their fans are probably the most delusional in Britain, they did practically nothing since the early 90s but there's an expectation for them tp be challenging for honours.


In the four years before Aberdeen appointed him they finished 9th, 9th 9th & 8th

the four years after they appointed him they finished 3rd, 2nd, 2nd & 2nd


They hadn't reached a Cup Final in over 13 years when he went there, he got them to 3 in his four full seasons so far


They hadn't won a trophy in 19 years, they won one within a year of his appointment


The average crowd at Pittodrie when he arrived was 9.6k, now it's over 15k and they have record ST sales... he's achieved that while being  disgracefully considered by a large section of his own fans as nothing but "a H** cunt"


The European point is relevant but you also have to look a bit deeper than what round they got eliminated in IMO, in 2014 Real Sociadad knocked them out, no shame in that and they eliminated Groningen before that - in 2015 they got eliminated by Kairat which in itself could look like he underachieved there but Kairat had a striker which cost them £7m playing for them, Aberdeen's record transfer cost a 7th of that and that was 20 years earlier, even with that setback, they still managed to eliminate a very talented Rijeka before that round (won 3 zip in Croatia) - in 2016 they were eliminated by Maribor, a club that are a regular CL/EL team, the Maribor keeper got MotM at Pittodrie and the referee wrongly disallowed a goal away from home only to awarded them a penalty instead, they missed it and didn't score that night - in 2017 was probably their best chance of getting to the Play-Off round, the team that knocked them out though again were EL group regulars and still have a chance of qualifying from an EL group that Everton are already eliminated from... Sometimes it's too easy to criticise his record in Europe with the sheep without looking under the hood and actually analysing what actually happened


He's taken a big club on its knees and turned it around into a genuine contender within Scottish Football, he's improved their League form considerably and has also improved their cup form (although still room for improvement there)


Like I said, there's plenty of pros and cons to the Derek McInnes debate but inventing reasons does no one any favours.

good post mate. I Don't want Mcinnes but can't argue with anything you've said there :tu:

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