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Junkies vs Rangers

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3 minutes ago, TheBluebells said:

This link has worked for me all game. 



I'm on skygo and it hasn't. Although no doubt is the fault of the wifi router. Thanks fuck for RM for keeping me up to date. Missed our 2nd goal (until the stream caught up) so thought everyone was celebrating 1-1 at half time til I saw folk shouting out Morelos name.

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5 minutes ago, Laudrup1984 said:

Many seem to forget we were a bit pish in that game until Tav and Wagyy went tonto on those cunts.

They'll have to come out. Could play into the hands of the pace and drive of Windass, El Buffalo and wee Holty on the break.

These cunts are there for the taking.........

Exactly mate - Wes was lucky when he cleared one straight after the restart - it missed Cummings by 6 inches, who’d have been in.

Instead it went to Wilson, who smacked it upfield for a lovely scoring pass.

We had 3 goals in about 6 minutes of playing time, which really rattled the fuckers!

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