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    • By govanblue
      RangersMedia's very own Veteran Companion Dog, Broxi will be braving the rotten weather tomorrow, and will be making an appearance outside Ibrox before kick-off tomorrow.  This will probably be his last appearance as an apprentice, before he sets off on his new working life.
      Several members have sent me a donation to give to Broxi/BRAVEHOUND tomorrow.  So far we've collected £165 . 
      If you would like to contribute a couple of quid towards our Bravehound collection before I hand the cheque over tomorrow, then please PM me, or make a post here, and @Bears r us will point you in the right direction.
      One thing I forgot to mention is that whatever we collect this week from Members (currently standing at £165) - we will match that from our Fund coffers.  So effectively, whatever you donate gets doubled.
      How good is that?? 


    • By govanblue
      By popular request, BROXI made a special appearance at Hollybush House on Thursday, where Staff and Residents were delighted to meet him.


      He got a taste of the Combat Stress Treatment Regime, which largely involves a bit of wrestling and a bit of tickling. 

      We're certainly making him work for his keep. 
      Next week, he'll be crossing paws with a Good Few of You Bears at the John Greig Statue (Saturday 16/03/19 - 2pm to 2:45pm)

      And depending on Tuesday night, he may have another appearance or two in him yet.

      Anyone who would like to support RangersMedia's BROXI - maybe with a song, maybe with a couple of quid, feel free to PM me.

      @Bears r us - anything to add?
    • By govanblue
      Here's something to do on Sunday if you're not heading to Motherwell...
      Pollok Park - Sunday 26th August  - 12pm to 5pm
      Admission: Free
      Over 16 million animals were pressed into service during WW1. Join us at the trenches to explore the vital roles they performed in transport, communications, combat – and solace. 
      1pm and 3pm: Four Legs Better Dog Show  - Explore dogs’ unique abilities that made them indispensible to humans in WW1 with expert dog trainers from Kirkintilloch and District Dog Training Club. Put your pup through their paces on our agility course!
      2pm: Birdmail  - Join Malcolm Moy, pigeon fancier for a talk about pigeons’ vital work as frontline messengers and their enduring importance in communication through the ages.
      4pm: Helping Heal Invisible Wounds - Join Bravehound to find out more about the charity’s important work supporting dogs and veterans. Also with all day stand and display.
      All Day: Winged Messengers  - A showing of racing and fancy pigeon’s with expert on hand to answer your questions about homing ability, speed and why pigeons were so vital to frontline communications in WWI.
      All Day: A Dog’s Tale - Interactive storytelling sessions exploring a dog’s experience of war using powerful, first-hand accounts of love, cruelty, hope and survival.
      All Day: Ask a WW1 soldier Living history experts occupy the trenches and answer your questions about life as a soldier serving with animals.
      All Day Activities: Pigeon Mission! Decorate your pigeon glider with a secret message, then see how far it can fly on our training course and Choose your Mascot badge making
      And our very own Broxi will be there.

      So head along!
    • By govanblue
      BRAVEHOUND are in the running for a £50,000 National Lottery Award - but they need votes to win it.
      Voting ends this weekend.  I didn't realise that or I'd have started this thread earlier. 
      But I'm sure there's still time for enough Troops to rally to the cause.
      So please vote here, now...
      Notice also that the face for this campaign is our very own Erskine Veteran Jimmy, seen here with his BRAVEHOUND companion Bracken, but also often to be seen at Ibrox with his old army mate, enjoying the match courtesy of the RM Erskine Fund members' season ticket scheme.  It's a small world, eh?
      And here's a BBC World Service piece from recently  featuring BRAVEHOUND...
      Oh, and we'll be sealing the deal on our very own puppy next week.  Pictures to follow.
    • By govanblue
      Why rent, when you can buy?
      Original target: £420
      Amount raised (so far...)  £1362.64

      So that will get us a nice little Labrador pup. Cost: £950
      And no, we're not calling him William of Orange (Pigeon) - we're calling him Broxi.  
      And little Broxi is gonna need insurance.  That's gonna cost £500, plus an extra £100 for Vets fees not covered by the insurance.
      So yeah, we still need a little bit more in the way of donations - unless you want me to dip in to the Erskine Fund?
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