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***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

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Painful one.. the game had 1-0 either way written all over it.  Tbh I don't think we have anything to be ashamed of in Europe.  That wrong offside call in Moscow cost us the win there I think.  2 goals up and I think Spartak would have lost their heads. This campaign is a first for most of our players and hopefully we will see the benefits in the future.

Domestically is a different story, we haven't been good enough.  This should focus us now.  It should also further highlight to SG that we are a not bad team but we really do lack a quality number 10.

Ejaria should never pull on the shirt again if he didn't want to travel.  Absolute disgrace to himself and let down the fans, SG who believed in him - brought him here and kept playing him and he has completely let down his team mates.

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1 minute ago, james_85 said:

When you look at the group we ended up with its a shocker we never got out the group. This mob are shite and we only took a pont from Spartak fucking joke

Is it really a shocker?

Look at the money spent on each of the teams we have faced in the group stages, then look at us.

This is a team that was basically put together 5 months ago.

We gave ourselves a chance of qualifying which is way way more than I ever expected.

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