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Cardiff’s New Signing

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On 19/06/2019 at 22:23, Rfc52 said:

Naw it's no :lol:

could be the engineer who signed off works on it, the owner of the plane or whoever issued it's flight safety certificate  

Kirk, do you chew rubber toys sometimes mate?



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A Premier League football agent involved in the deal that brought Emiliano Sala to Cardiff City, two days before his death in a plane crash, has been issued with a harassment warning.

Willie McKay, 60, was interviewed by the Met Police under caution on 28 May but was not arrested.

It was claimed that Mr McKay had made threats to Cardiff City executives in February but he denied the allegations.

He had accused the club of "hanging him out to dry" after the tragedy.

In March the club said it had been "necessary and appropriate" to call in the police.

Cardiff could have done more - McKay

Nantes demand Sala fee from Cardiff

Sala was 'abandoned' for fatal flight

An investigation was first launched by South Wales Police but it was transferred to the Met after officers were told about an alleged public order offence in Kendall Street, central London in February

The man who was interviewed was "issued with a first instance harassment warning" and the investigation has concluded, the Met Police added.

A spokesman for Cardiff City declined to comment on the warning issued to Mr McKay.

Mr McKay said he arranged the flight that Sala took from Nantes, but was not involved in selecting the plane or pilot.

Sala, along with pilot David Ibbotson, died when the light aircraft they were flying in from Nantes crashed into the English Channel on 21 January.


Bit fuckin mental 

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