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***RM Erskine Fund: Mid-season Official Fundraiser Thread***

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So the mid-season donations have dried up for now, and I see that we have received donations from 47 members.


  • BallochBear
  • Bears r us
  • billscott
  • Blue Avenger
  • Bobby Hume
  • bordersbear
  • bornabear
  • broxieman
  • Corky True Legend
  • Courtyard Bear
  • D'Artagnan
  • EKCO
  • Falcoholic
  • fermblue
  • gmcf
  • Heshootshescores
  • ianb1547
  • jamess
  • jintybear
  • Junior Soprano
  • KazzyTI
  • Keeps01
  • macmac
  • Malvern
  • mikekeith
  • MrMckee
  • Oaktreeloyal
  • offshoreworker
  • Rangers#1
  • Rfc52
  • RFC Eagle
  • SeperateEntityMyArse
  • sprintervanman
  • SW3
  • terry739
  • The Beast
  • Thewhitesettler
  • Travelrug
  • unclebuzzy
  • Wee Bud
  • weeneily
  • wotmeworry
  • Young Bob
  • Zetland
  • ZZed


Many thanks to you all - your generosity has assured that we will once again be renewing the 10 Season Tickets for Erskine and Combat Stress.  :rangers:   

Now we need to raise the money to cover the home cup and Europe games.  And hopefully that will be quite a few games, so we'll definitely need a few hundred quid more! 

Now if you are listed above then please DO NOT give us another donation just yet.  You've made your mid-season donation.

Instead, we shall look to the remaining  96 current Fund Members who haven't yet made a mid-season donation. 

Of course, mid-season donations are wholly optional, and if you're skint, feel free to opt out, but me asking you for it is still mandatory, so you can expect to be included in a mass-shout-out in the near future. :p:

(I've just noticed that I've not made my own mid-season donation yet, so I'll be getting pestered too no doubt.)


And finally, can I say hullo hullo to all you reading this who are not currently Fund Members.  Sort it out will you?  For fuck sake!


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Pledged list plz! Will pay next month...

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Transferred to the Donated List. :dance:

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