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***RM Erskine Fund: Mid-season Official Fundraiser Thread***

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Welcome to the RM Erskine Fund Members Thread.

All good Erskine Fund Members know that @govanblue set up the Fund to allow us to do what we can to support the Residents of the Erskine Veterans Care Homes.

Hollybush House Hospital (Combat stress) has also been able to benefit from our efforts.

We also have a good track record of supporting Rangers Youth Development and of course not forgetting our BRAVEHOUND DUG, BROXI.



Donation via PayPal or by Bank Transfer, PM @Zetland for help or details. NEW MEMBERS ALWAYS WELCOME.

You can pledge your support below and will be added to the Pledged List and then transferred to the Donated List, once your donation has been received.

Minimum donation £5 on this Fundraiser but obviously it’s your cash, so your choice!

PM @govanblue when you have Donated, please.

Thanks as always, Bears. :thumbup:

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Hall of Fame Members List: 2018 / 2019 Mid-season Fundraiser.

Pledged: 3 Members

  • CooperSF
  • govanblue
  • Perth_Campsie_Ger

Other Donations:

  • Mrs Bears r us

Donated: 68 Members

  • 4ladshadadream
  • 10pshortof17pound
  • 72barca
  • Ayrshire Blue
  • BallochBear
  • Bears r us
  • Bertent
  • Bigdave30
  • billscott
  • BlueAvenger
  • Blue Avenger
  • Bobby Hume
  • bordersbear
  • bornabear
  • broxieman
  • Corky True Legend
  • Courtyard Bear
  • Dan Deacon
  • D'Artagnan
  • DiamondBear
  • Domthenbud
  • EKCO
  • Falcoholic
  • fermblue
  • gmcf
  • hammer time
  • Heshootshescores
  • ianb1547
  • Inigo
  • Jake’s Pal
  • jamess
  • JCDBigBear
  • jintybear
  • Junior Soprano
  • KazzyTI
  • Keeps01
  • macmac
  • Malvern
  • McEwan’s Lager
  • mikekeith
  • MrMckee
  • nine4eight
  • Oaktreeloyal
  • offshoreworker
  • Rangers#1
  • Rfc52
  • RFC Eagle
  • Scottywellhousetb
  • SeperateEntityMyArse
  • sprintervanman
  • SteveEarle
  • SW3
  • Sweettartangirl
  • terry739
  • The Beast
  • The Ghost
  • Thewhitesettler
  • Travelrug
  • unclebuzzy
  • Wee Bud
  • weeneily
  • wotmeworry
  • Young Bob
  • Zetland
  • ZZed
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