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Compliance Officer Role

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6 hours ago, Sweetheart said:

Will the club have a record of who is reporting these complaints to the CO? It would be interesting to know who has made complaints over the last 8 years

I'd imagine the club are aware like most of us that its the broadcaster and panelist editorial work that dictates the majority of the incidents that do and don't make it to the CO and fill up her in tray.

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13 hours ago, Terry Hurlock Loyal said:

Aye, but they are too busy doing drone shots of the training ground and sticking cameras in the goals to worry about such trivial things. 

Aye mate, Dave King and Stewart Robertson are out there putting cameras behind the goals before every game. Right after they've cleaned the toilets.

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Double standards

Example 1

I can think of Sone Aluko who was hounded and vilified for a so called dive versus Aberdeen at Ibrox 5 years ago .

Last weeks game with the scum v Hivs about the dives of all dives Oliver Burke ..... Not a word from the media and certainly no punishment

Example 2


The case of Scot Brown versus Ross County few years ago  . The worst tackle you will see in any football match . A clear Red .

Next game was against us  so they convened , oh yeah an emergency meeting to get him off the hook .. It always seems to be an emergency when the scum need one

It was downgraded to a yellow .


Anyone else care to add to the very long list

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