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Under 17's - Rangers FC v AS Roma - ALKASS Cup Final

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27 minutes ago, hooooootchy said:

Had to watch the award ceremony back again. Murray Miller our no9 went up for an award before the 3rd placed team. Didn't tell you what it was for though. 

I knew I'd seen something lol, thought I was going mad 

Seen that as well wonder what the award was for ? 

Hes a cracking player as well. 

Kai Kennedy has been playing with the reserves this season. 

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1 hour ago, AyrshireBlue said:


All the hard work over the last 4 years has been geared towards managing this situation. Playing the likes of Bayern, PSV, Villareal, Liverpool and Burnley etc gear these players for playing at a higher level and at a much better technical level.   The other games organised to co-incide with our Europa League run was a fantastic move too.

This was proved in this tournament, the technical ability shown in the penalty shootout alone was evident.

 Not doubting the technical ability, preparation or organisation. I’m doubting the culture that exists amongst young Scottish footballers and their ability to capitalise on their potential and transition from top class youths to top class adults.

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3 hours ago, DiamondDan said:

Great achievement well done to them. However, I tend not to get carried away with this sort of stuff. I can mind scotland under 16s nearly winning a World Cup final, I can mind Rangers under 17s? Going to Barcelona in the 90s and winning a version of the European cup (only player I think that ever made it after was John Rankin). 

If you look at this list of names and then revisit it in 15 years then history would suggest that maybe only 2 or 3  would have even made a living out the game, let alone established themselves as first team regulars. 

There is something wrong in the psyche of young Scottish footballers. When ours reach 16-18 and get a first taste of glory they think they arrived and their destined for greatness. When foreigners get to that age they realise that’s when it is time to knuckle down, dedicate themselves to football and train and live 100% how they should. 

Ours might work hard 2 hours a day at training, but if you don’t have the right mindset the other 22 hours a day it’s a waste of time. 

In my experience the workers lack the natural talent and the ones with natural talent lack the work rate. You need a combination of both. The ones with te natural talent are the ones who are looked up to and they’re the ones that influence others to adopt their lazy ways  

Hope I’m proved wrong but I won’t be getting carried away. 

I don't think it lazy, just look at them most are skinny as fuck.


We don't generally have any well built 14/15 year olds, you see some from say Africa (yes I know large place) and you're like "fuck off is that cunt 15"

But even despite the size, if we play to the strengths, ball on the deck, keep it technical fast paced and not the usual bump it forward and hope for the best Scotland way, we might see some results.

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2 hours ago, Blumhoilann said:

You can add McKinnon and McClelland to that list for me mate.

The boy Lyle looks decent aswell mate hopefully a few can push their way into the first team Oder next few seasons

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