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***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

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If Morelos does get a second yellow for something soft, Rangers need to have a clip real of all of the decisions against us without warning or cards today ready to go straight up on the website and social media.

TBH, they should still have that even if he doesn't. Just title it 'Parity'.

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3 minutes ago, eejay the dj said:

Astounding tactic today from SG

You would think he would have learnt something from all the games we have played against the sheep 

Punting it is just what they want 

Our first five to ten minutes were a absolute scandal .Between McGregor ,Goldson and Worral .Just playing the ball around as if we were fucking Barca 

Totally gave them the confidence instead of being at them from the off 

In truth ,many of us have these this lazy lazy attitude even in the last 4 games for periods in each game 

Mate, I doubt any of that is a SG tactic. In fact it goes against everything he has been demanding.

For me it all stems from the back line, particularly Worrall who slows down the whole game. He IS SG's fault for picking the useless cunt.

Tav, again never a defender and he is hiding.

Morelos again targetted and getting nothing from the ref. But a red card on the way.

Outwith Kamara and Kent, no cunt is actually playing football.

Horrendous performance. The sheep want it more. We have frozen. Big change needed.


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