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Bounce game against Liverpool u23’s yesterday.

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Lafferty was a crazy signing. He has always been an immature waste of talent. And he's not good enough to get away with it. I didn't rate him before and I knew this one would be a waste of money. An awkward player, who can't head a ball despite his height, who falls over at the least contact and has the strength of a man half his size. A pea hearted waster. 

Barisic I think can play. I'm disappointed that hasn't worked out so far. If it's just injuries stick with and he can turn it around. If it's attitude or he feels like he's in the wrong movie then shift him quickly on. 

Grezda, who knows. He has pedigree as an international and was talked up by Panucci who was a player and a half. The manager doesn't seem to use him and hints at a poor attitude. He doesn't really seem to want to be here. I think he's a goner and the gaffer has made his mind up. 

Coulibaly, limited player. Not worth spending money on. Hasn't been playing having fallen down the ladder so won't be missed and doesn't really need replaced with so many similar players already here. No great issue with him, he seemed to try his best but looked an Angers player, not a Rangers player. 

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