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The all new dae whit the fuck you like about THEM thread

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6 minutes ago, Rangers_no1 said:

Scum are practically a one man team.

Thing is wi this wee cunt he has a couple of bursts a season of producing the goods then goes back to being Mr average 

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1 minute ago, Gandalf the Blue said:

Few injuries is about the best we can hope for. Imagine Ralston on Sunday 😂 

Wouldn't be surprised if Ralston costs then a goal tonight tbh, the boy is dire.

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2 minutes ago, Essandoh said:

No two ways about it. Ajer is a massive loss for them on Sunday if he’s out. They’ll be forced into a defence that’s never played together with a Frenchman and an Israeli(?) at centre half.

Yeah Bitton a CM at CB, Ralston RB and Boli or whatever his name at left back.

That's if Ajer, the RB or Simunovic are not risked. 

We couldn't ask for anything better. We have to take advantage.

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