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The all new dae whit the fuck you like about THEM thread

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2 hours ago, plymouthranger said:

According to the accounts they’ve got nearly £40million in the bank, without factoring in the Tierney money which wasn’t included.

Like it or not, they are a long way from being financially unstable. Even on a year when they get knocked out of the CL qualifiers, they still achieved around £75million in revenue...

We need 2-3 years of CL football to close that gap, so the sooner 55 gets won the better. Worry is that unless they have a big payout for the child abuse cases, they’ve got a lot of money set aside to use for next season if they’re chasing 10

What they have in the bank at year end isn't really too relevant, they could have £30m he day the accounts are approved and pay it out to creditors the very next day. Cash flow statement shows they made an 8m monetary loss in the year i.e. They have spent more money than they have generated.

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7 minutes ago, B1872 said:

First thing is they cunts could tell me it’s Saturday and I’d still need to check my phone. Secondly yes they sold Tierney but they won’t have included the fees they paid either which is a reportedly £13/14 million on transfers alone and also a reportedly £2 million on loan fees. That £75 million also includes £9 million for Brenda and his team. Even with getting nearly £30 million of sales (Brenda and Dembele) their wage bill is still too high vs their turnover as a percentage. The money in the bank will be used to pay wages, running costs, co-op loan repayments and more importantly victims of child abuse which are numbered into their hundreds so won’t be lasting long. 

£75 million turnover is good for a Scottish team but it’s mainly subsidised by selling a big player every season or even their manager. If we sold Alfie, Aribo, Katic, Kent or Ryan Jack for £15 million plus next season we wouldn’t be a boot in the arse off that turnover figure ourselves.

Smoke and mirrors with they cunts!

Correct. The wages don't pay themselves 

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4 minutes ago, Essandoh said:

Dunno why people bother commenting on their games until they’re done, they’re a cert to come back and win 4-1 or something

Happened in the match thread last week, hopefully a different outcome though.

Better than reading about their finances I suppose

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