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The all new dae whit the fuck you like about THEM thread

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10 minutes ago, Moody Blue Legend said:

:lol: He said it was a clear red but has concerns at the speed the ref showed the card.



Will just be the start. Despite it being a clear red these lot will be so shocked that a ref could have the audacity to send one of theirs off they’ll ramp up the outrage to make sure the pressure is on any future refs who think about sending off anyone in green and grey.

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30 minutes ago, Reformation Bear said:

The picture on the BBC website shows he's clearly right over the top displeased.      The post match rant in the dressing room might be spectacular.     Wonder if the same pathway is being taken which led Hibs to part company with him. 


If they have any carpet-munching board members he can abuse, it is possible. That is why he was asked to leave Hibs. No doubt he orchestrated it all because he knew Brenda was off.

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36 minutes ago, mitre_mouldmaster said:

I don't want them to go into full meltdown too soon.

Ideally I want Lennon to hold on with some convincing wins to keep them amused, with the odd point dropped.

Them to go through the transfer window about 6 points behind but still believing they will win.

Then for Lennon to go into full meltdown and lose the dressing room in the second half of the season.

At a push, I would also accept them being pumped in every game from now till the end of time.

You deserve a knighthood for your reasonableness, compassion and thoughtfulness 


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2 hours ago, scottyscott1963 said:

Prophetic words indeed :mutley:
The tramps are out in force already,with their devil dugs and kestrel lager.
Some of the cunts went past the window  not that long ago and they are spoiling for a fight,in fact the cunts will be fighting each other shortly,when we are sitting above them.
Stay safe peeps :rofl: 

Get ready for the meltdown my friend 😁

Pressure is now well and truly on. 

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