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The all new dae whit the fuck you like about THEM thread

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Just now, EatDolphins said:

Think so. Was involved in the killing of the two lads that stumbled into a scum funeral. Killed by a baying mob of animals. 

If it is indeed true there's no point saying the usual because nothing will be done about it. 

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1 hour ago, EatDolphins said:

We've known all along. The evidence is there and no one will do a God damn thing about it.

What can be done though, as in almost everything today in this country, when you make a statement calling something out you either get ridiculed or the question just gets ignored hoping it goes away. 

One thing that would help would be the dreaded bridge building, getting others on side, getting them to work with you and let the group grow, 

2 reasons this would fail would be, who the fuck would you start with and why would we ever tryst any of these tarriers loving bastards 

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1 minute ago, sassaaaa said:

Away and and fuck off ya rabid bastard , a wondered why you deleted that shite the first time........

I didn't delete anything you fucking nonce.

Just now, Courtyard Bear said:

Going by the amount of IRA loving republican cunts on Social Media that work at ScumFC I’m going to not give them the benefit of the doubt. 

I know their head of social media. He's not an IRA loving republican cunt. He literally has no clue about any of that stuff. 

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