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The dae whit you like about THEM thread

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5 minutes ago, GabrielTomato said:

I think the Aberdeen players were only made to self isolate because of them all being in close proximity.

This will be a nothing situation. 

From what i’ve been told he fucked off on Sunday and he came back and trained from Thursday onwards then played for them yesterday.

Not sure how much closer he could possibly be tbh.

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2 minutes ago, Rangers_no1 said:

He would have came into contact with them in training, dressing room and on the park on Sunday. His is FAR worse than Aberdeen players imho.


Just now, Tak3rNo1 said:

He's came back from a quarantine country and should have been self isolating for 2 weeks.  This is massive, he should not have been playing at that game, he should have been at home with his slippers on. He could have given Covid to all the celtic players (hopefully) and the Kilmarnock players he was playing against. 

Sorry I forgot about them not playing in between.

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UEFA have clear forfeit regulations if a club is unable to play due to covid.

Wasnt aware how close the UEFA tie was

Match is on 18th]


Lifted from FF, this is HUGE if they have to self isolate because of this fucking diddy.

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19 minutes ago, GabrielTomato said:

I'm still not getting too excited about it.

No doubt it'll end up favouring them in some weird way.

You are right to think like that, any other team would be ridiculed in the press, radio and tv, I doubt much will be said about this.

I wonder if Sturgeon will be as outspoken about this guy as she was about the Sheep players?? Nae chance is my guess.

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Aberdeen players

Night out in the city they live, stupid? Yes. They were vilified.

Two Penn State players.

One has a house party, stupid? Yes. Was brushed off as nothing.

Second one goes abroad to a listed quarantine country, stupid? No. It’s so much worse than that. He should be under a 14 day quarantine for safety reasons and so should everyone he then proceeded to be in contact with. 

Their games should be off or they should be made to play with the players that weren’t in contact with him after he returned.

Fair is fair after all.

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21 minutes ago, The Monk said:

If they have to isolate they would have to forfeit their champions league qualifier :lol:

That would be justice for the twice they got back in, via the backdoor, after getting pumped 6-1 and 4-1 on aggregate respectively from Legia Warsaw & Sion due to a small admin error. 

50-million (two lots of 25-million) just handed to those cunts after getting well beat, fair and square on the pitch.

The Sun has another story running with it now saying the Scottish Government could suspend all Scottish football due to it.

No. Fuck right off. Suspend celtic from it (and Aberdeen) and let the rest of us get on with it without them.

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