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Tom English + Michael Stewart

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14 hours ago, Vision said:

Fuckin hell is that Jim Traynor getting interviewed on the T.V :hmmm:whit a bawbag.

Punches and moves like a girl, my boy would knock him out 1st round and he’s only 49kg 😆

Ginger faggot 

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1 hour ago, j1mgg said:

Wait, so a newspaper hired the PI, do we know which, and why hast it been in all the papers?

Is that confirmed?

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Michael Stewart will be kept off BBC programming until the broadcaster is certain his Jim Traynor row will not be repeated.

Stewart was taken off TV and radio by the Beeb after he took a swipe at Rangers PR chief Traynor in a blistering Sportsound rant two weeks ago.

Despite regularly appearing on their output, Stewart has since been removed from Sportscene's football highlights as well as their other forms of broadcasting. No return date has been set.

Now, according to the Scottish Sun, the BBC will continue to keep Stewart off their channels until they can guarantee it won't happen again. "Our editorial guidelines were not adhered to on Sportsound," a spokesperson told the publication. "We’re still in discussions to ensure there’s no repeat of that in future.

READ MORE: Petition launched for BBC to reinstate Michael Stewart

"While those discussions continue, Michael Stewart will not appear on any of our sports programmes."

Stewart sparked the row with comments he made about Traynor regarding 'releasing stories to the press' as well as issues surrounding wanting proof that Alfredo Morelos was racially abused.

He was taken off air just hours before he was set to go live at Tynecastle before BT Sport stepped in and asked him to be part of their coverage of celtic's trip to Motherwell.

Source: Evening Times.

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