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Armed Forces Day.

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28 minutes ago, Lets go 55 said:

Don't be surprised if the offended try and get this banned, It's part of the crusade , go for Orange Walks as is in their warped minds it's a sectarian fest, no place for celebrating the armed forces in football, meanwhile they will allow the rancid mob to march through the streets of Scotland celebrating the IRA , glorify in the deaths of young men who died in countless wars to preserve the freedom that they besmirch by their ingrained hatred, they call us H*** but the very cunts they glorify helped the Enemy in both world wars , treacherous,treasonous bastards  to a man.

Why Britain bailed out the ROI  during their economic crisis amazes me as this mob have allowed terrorists to operate against the United Kingdom for years , they forget that one of the main players in their economic crisis was none other than Dodgy Dermot and his cronies.

Meanwhile here you have a mob at local and national level who will not take the action required against the plastic terrorists who imitate the nationalist terror groups , threatening the local populace ,know your place H** scum.

When the powers that be embolden all theses terrorist supporting scumbags  with their lack of action against them and choose to portray them as peaceful protesters whilst their opponents are described as sectarian thugs .

Don't be surprised if this Country turns into a state of constant civil unrest and who will the appeasers turn to , none other than the armed forces.

Vote them Out.

Kick them Out.

Plenty in that I agree with unfortunately. 

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5 hours ago, To Be A Ranger said:

That's the one.

We should get the forces to roll it out before euro games. That'll put any pyro party planned by the away fans to shame.



Can also be used for Illumination if the floodlights ever fail, Groundsman need to be trained on "The Aim Of Fire Discipline".


"The aim of fire discipline is to ensure that in response to calls for fire (from a forward observer), the appropriate action is taken at the FPC (forward planning cell), FSCC (fire support coordination cell), CP (command post) and at the Guns/MRL, strictly in accordance with the intentions of the originator and with the minimum of delay".


In short                  "Fuck it........fire"




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3 minutes ago, Courtyard Bear said:

Fire into the away corner would work just as well. 

That's actually got a name, it's called "Danger close". Firing near own troops.  When playing them would have loved to have called, "Danger close, smelly cunts nearby, fire".

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Did the troops not get banned at one point for walking round the stadium?

Including the abseil?

Im sure i remember some no good ten bob fanny tried that from GDC. 

Am i wrong? 


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