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The Burger Shack At The Back Of The Copland Terrace. (And Other Rangers Food/Snack Related Nostalgia.)

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Late seventies, there was actually a burger shack at the back of the Copland Terrace . Basically consisted of a wooden hut with a huge metal trough with slabs of what was alledgedly "beef" floating in a bath of gravy for hours before and during the game. served on a roll if I recall. . 

Was highly popular of course as fans got peckish mainly due to ammount of alcohol consumed outside and inside the park in those days. 

Now at the time the Irish Troubles and the British mainland bombiing campaign  was at its height, and on a Wednesday night game against Motherwell, there was a big explosion at the back of the terrace and many Gers fans, including myself, piled on the pitch. 

We were actually high on fear and adrenalin (over exhuberant ?) and I can remember singing and jumping around with hundreds of fans on the pitch singing "No Surreneder" etc, regardless of what the cause was. 

As the fans returned to the terraces, me and my mates and a few others were fly enough to  return to the Centenary Stand instead, and  after a while and the game continued and to cut a long story short I only found out what the cause was on getting home after the game............a gas cannister which fuelled the shack had exploded and fortunately there were no casulties.  I'm sure the burger shack dissapeared shortly after that.



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