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Facebook Rangers fans....

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31 minutes ago, Ger_onimo said:

It’s like giving money to charity, and then telling everyone about it. It ceases to be a selfless act and becomes just something you’ve done to make yourself look good.

If she’d turned up in a normal T-shirt she could have shown her respects and nobody would have noticed. By wearing that thing it’s nothing more than a “look at us celtic fans, look how great we are” thing.

You’ve just described the epitome of virtue signalling which sums them up

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8 minutes ago, Rfc52 said:

That's the purpose things like FB were set up for and it works great but for everyday shit especially living here and all people want to do is 

"Omfg sum peepo man daen ma box in"

"Wits up hen, wits happened"

"Aww they know whoo it's abooot Al message yae"



Fucking stoaters


It's the ones where you see a picture of a child in the hospital in pain but smiling for the camera and the statement 

"They called me ugly I bet I won't get one like or share"

Then next week same picture different text

"No one wished me a happy birthday I bet I won't get one like or share"


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7 hours ago, .Williamson. said:

This has just appeared on Facebook and is one of the strangest things I have ever seen 


'Lets go pay our respects at Ibrox to Fernando,but instead of just wearing normal clothing,let's wear our celtic gear so we attract loads and loads of attention,everyone must know we are celtic fans or there's no point in turning up'


Attention seeking.



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