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35 Yard Dangerman

*****Official Sheep v Rangers thread *****

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46 minutes ago, Gaffbear said:

Standard practice ..sure bud Johnston said they were told to wind up Johnny Doyle. 


44 minutes ago, Dave Hedgehog said:

Shocking stuff



43 minutes ago, Gaffbear said:

Don't be a bright spark 


42 minutes ago, ForeverAndEver said:

Was he on fire at the time?


41 minutes ago, LV said:

Wired in to him. 


40 minutes ago, Gaffbear said:

Like lightening 

Fuck sake, these puns are ancient. 


Need something a bit more current... 

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Bit nervy about tonight even though we have been going well,the sheep will be the usual busting a gut against us.We need to start better than we have, particularly right from kick off instead of taking the first half to get into the game.

An early goal and settle the nerves and then go for the throat get the three points and keep the pressure right on the Tarriers that will be watching our game hoping the sheep do them a favour.


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3 minutes ago, Captain Hilts said:

Really hope Barisic is just being rested. When was the last time we went in to a game against the scum with all of our top players fit?


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Clearly fancies a bit more dig in the midfield with Kamara not in the team. 

Would maybe have preferred Edmunson to provide a more physical part of the team but he's realistically not had enough game time. 

Worried about Aribo, definitely has a tendency to hide.

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