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******Official Rangers v Young Boys Thread********

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Canny speak for anyone else but he doesn't owe me an apology.

Don't watch it then.  The state cunts are in atm is a downright fucking embarrassment tbh. 

The fuck were you expecting? Our under 19s?

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1 hour ago, Terry Hurlock Loyal said:

Time to move on this evening, and look forward to another massive European night. The group is so close, but sitting top ahead of this - confident of progression to the 32.


The points should be in the far right column. That's how it used to be and is clearly the most important thing here. 

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Everyone associated with the club will be shellshocked with today’s result as neither team deserved what they got.

For Thursday night, like the team, our support need to get today’s result out our system pronto and be vocal and back the team and management. They deserve our full backing after today’s bad luck.

2-0 Gers my prediction. Think we’ll beat Young Boys now that we’ve got them on grass.

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4 hours ago, bluenoz said:

Aye like another sold out Ibrox in the last 32 and an additional few million means fuck all. Remind me why you support Rangers? Fuck sake man, remember how good the road to Manchester was. I'm hurting right now but hopefully I'll be dusted off come Thursday.

Some strange folk in here, the Europa league is part of making it worth watching , the same cunt will be one of the 1st to come on and moan if we don't qualify 😂😂😂

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