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🎅 🎅 Official RM Merry Christmas Thread 🎅 🎅

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14 minutes ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

On a personal level 2019 is one I cant wait to write off. But I'm still here, alive and kicking, arguing nonsense for the sheer sake of it.😂

I've got 2 family friends counting down the life clock with cancer, so as much as I want to get to 2020, every day is crucial to loved ones and I want to desperately slow that clock down too.

Life is too be lived to the full but can be a hurtful bastard. Killers like strokes and cancer are indiscriminate bastards. Live life, enjoy, love those deserving including the Rangers.

All the best this festive season and for 2020 to you all, except the papes reading this 🇬🇧👍



Can't say I had noticed tbh :lol:


All the best to you, have a good one

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1 hour ago, jintybear said:

I was just thinking about Falkirk Bear the other day. I’m sad to hear of his passing ☹️ 

@blueteeth I am so sorry to hear about you wife. I hope she pulls through and next year is a better year for you both.

To be honest this is the least Christmasy I have ever felt in my life. So much so I haven’t even put a Christmas tree up! I just can’t get into it at all. I have bought and wrapped all the presents and I’ve just finished prepping the dinner for tomorrow but I still don’t feel festive 😩 

Best wishes Jinty, hope you have a good day tomorrow x

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15 minutes ago, Clunge said:

Fingers crossed for your wife mate, not sure of your whereabouts down south but if you are anywhere near Colchester feel free to give me a shout and grab a pint if you have the time or fancy it.


Hi Clunge


I stay in England m8


Don't know where you are


But theres a space  at my table for you and yours the more


Never forget



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