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Aribo or Arfield ?

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One of them will probably be dropped if Davis is on from the start on Sunday, but Arfield has been rubbish recently, yet was taken off early.  Aribo just flatters to deceive most of the time, but does offer more creativity.    Who will start ?

(Kamara okay with me, seems to take a lot of stick on here, but did okay today and is getting better all the time. )


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Expecting about a million replies of ‘drop Kamara’ from folk who can’t see how much he brings to our midfield but has to be Arfield if anyone that drops out for me

Kamara does a vital role IMO. Dont think the guy deserves any stick.

Aribo should start out wide. Davis, jack and Kamara in the middle. I'd be surprised if this isn't the case.

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15 minutes ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

Kamara made some mistakes in possession today but for me still offered more than Arfield who again was frustratingly poor.

I think Arfield will be the one to miss out on Sunday.

When we took Kamara off in the LC final, we were never the same and only then did their midfield have a bit more possession. He will definitely play on Sunday and so he should.

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