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Dave King robbed at gunpoint

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Daily Record


The outgoing Ibrox chairman alleges he was targeted by brazen thieves in broad daylight in Johannesburg

Rangers chief Dave King has told how he was allegedly held at gunpoint during a "brazen" robbery in South Africa.

The Ibrox chairman, who plans to step down, admits he's considering leaving the country after being targeted in broad daylight outside his Johannesburg office.

King says armed thieves held a firearm to his head and demanded he hand over his money and possessions.

The 64-year-old, who was born in Glasgow, revealed he feared for his life during the incident on February 3.

As I arrived at the office they came up behind me,” King told The Times.

“There were four guys who had guns and were wearing balaclavas. One of them pointed a gun at my head and another took my watch off my wrist. It was in broad daylight and they were completely brazen.

'I was scared for my life. I said to myself, ‘Let’s not be brave and let’s not be stupid. Whatever you do, don’t agitate them, and let them getaway with whatever they want to take.’ ”

One of them said, ‘Where’s your money?’, so I took all my cash out and gave it to them. They took my laptop, my case, my drivers’ licence, diary, phone and all the things I need to function.”

King, in charge of Rangers since 2015, alleged both his daughters recently suffered similar ordeals as he insisted South Africa is gripped by a crime "pandemic".

He added: "Afterwards there was a growing anger within me. I was angry about the violation and that I am living in a country which no longers appears to have a rule of law.

“Both of my daughters have been held up at gunpoint recently, one time while my grandchild was in the car. Crime is absolutely out of control here. It’s a pandemic.

"My sons have moved to London and half of their friends from school and university have gone too.

"Young people, both white and black, who should be the future of South Africa, are leaving.”

King continued: "The lifestyle is very good here. I’m sitting here in the sun and it’s beautiful, but you are now constantly looking over your shoulder.


"My mood just now is that my kids and grandkids should not be being brought up in South Africa. It’s something the whole family is reflecting on.”

King announced his intention to relinquish his role at Rangers at the Premiership club's agm in December.

His successor is yet to be announced.



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Not the place to live if you value your life, watched a few documentaries on South Africa and people are starving while people are living like kings there is always going to be people who have nothing that want what the rich people have, not a good mix.


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3 minutes ago, offminorthreat said:

Nothing new here, place has been a cesspit for years if you speak to anyone who has left the place. 

Relatives moved back to the UK after decades in SA, said it was out of control and they didn’t feel safe just going out of the house or that safe inside it either. 

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44 minutes ago, mrmojorisin said:


Fuckin arserag of a paper 

Mentioned twice in the first 4 lines of that piece, we know how they roll on reporting anything Rangers related.  Do we expect anything better from it?
Anybody that chooses to read anything that excuse for a national newspaper and gets annoyed as akin to the sketch from only an excuse with the celtic fan turning his tv up full then listens to be offended. 

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Johannesburg is a cess pit. Was once the murder capital of the world.   

Horrible thing to happen, but why did a guy in his position not have security, moreso because of his family experiencing similar  ? 

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