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*****Official Rangers v Livingston Match Thread*****

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Just now, BillyG91 said:

aribo coming on 🤢

Ye canny slate our best 5 a side player fs... agree though like ojo,never a Rangers player

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49 minutes ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

Can talk about formations all we want, but half these players dont look interested, capable, or bothered in the slightest.

No fire in their bellies, they're imposters.

Since the winter break we've used

Polster, flanagan, tav, katic, goldson, Edmundson, barisic, halliday

Davis, Kent, hagi, arfield, kamara, aribo, jones, ojo

Defoe, stewart, kamberi, morelos

Since the winter break we have been shite in every game, but we have used 20 different players, the only thing thats remained the same is the system we use

Do you blame the players? If your boss made you do something in your work that wasn't working and it made you look shite at your job, and then continued to make you do it even though it continually doesnt work, wouldnt you start to feel like shite

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