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Dan Deacon

Help needed folks

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53 minutes ago, Dan Deacon said:

Fuck that mate. The boy was here with humility and I'm glad @Perth_Campsie_Ger let me know about Elaine Twitter.


I'm also so gracious that she took my messages in the spirit intended.


Hardest time in life.

Superb work mate genuinely 

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3 hours ago, pcbear said:

£1470 raised  of a 500 pound target which is amazing, this will have been the worst day ever of Stevens life but he can take a little comfort that many fellow bears rallied round to help him just a little bit, like many others I have donated, but who wants to go halfs at 15 quid each to reach the milestone 1500 quid?

Ive done my half, go on guys.

Gutted for you and yours mate but things can only head upwards now.

And a big up to whoever made the rank and file aware of this families plight.

Done mate :tu:

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On 14/03/2020 at 00:10, ger4life_1872 said:

Its just more than enough mate  , I will be eternally grateful but worry that there could be somebody else needing the support now or in the future and I wouldn't wanna cost someone else this amazing support 

I haven't read further down, but pretty sure I'm not alone in saying, after what you have been through, if we can give you an amazing headstone for not only your wife, but you, your family, friends and your lovely boys so that you all have that special place to lament your wonderful memories of her, then we are more than okay with keeping this thread open.  

Anyone of our RM/Rangers family who needs our help will also receive it with as much care. 

Don't worry about that. Hope you're okay and your wife had a beautiful service that brings some peace to you all xx

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