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The Lance Armstrong of football.  rick roberts 2 days ago The Lance Armstrong of football. A common call from celtic fans desperate to try and overstate Rangers FC use of then-legal tax

...and entry to the lucrative Champions League... I've always suspected that the rush and process to get all this done, regardless of the consequences for others, has been the primary driving for

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10 minutes ago, bluenoz said:

It is so inconsiderate of Rangers to make me get up a 9am on a Sunday for this breaking news.

9am and the taigs are claiming  tained 9 in a row. I am hoping this 9am news is us releasing a statement with court proceedings but that is just hope and I think it might just be new kit deal announced.

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28 minutes ago, Dave Hedgehog said:

Cumming On Young Boys In Green

Their bravery will be sung for millennia in songs across a land they can’t return to, a land so far away it’s 60 miles to the left by ferry. It will be called “The tainted title flag, the closed stadium and the closed pub when no one was around”.

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1 hour ago, British_Empire said:

That's the strangest video I've ever seen from Rangers there, but it's got me a little excited.

Wonder what's happening.

If it's exclusive pictures of the new strip or some shite I'm gonna do somecunt :lol: 

Calm down mate  :raging:

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