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GM Tells It Straight

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19 hours ago, BlueKnight87 said:

It's why they do mate. Any opinion that doesn't stick to their party line they lash out. 

Good to see Walter also taking digs today at them. 

What did Sir Walter say?

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When you are indoctrinated with nonsense from childhood.. any truths  expressed from out with your bubble of ignominy, falsehoodsand self delusion  hits you like a slegehammer.


You scream in the vacuum,shouting abuse at those who dare to question your delusions and seek comfort from fellow  deluded travellers .


A Tainted and completely  Hollow Title gift  awarded prematurely and with indecent haste by a corrupt ruling body infected and governed  by  those of the same cloth.

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5 hours ago, Kaydubya11 said:

I hate them more every hour


2 hours ago, coopsleftboot said:

Taking your time...I'm by the minute, mate. :lol:

:tu: :lol:

Is this the difference between someone who sits and savours a glass of Royal Salute ..... as opposed to someone who is more inclined to speed dating? ..... :pipe:


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On 27/05/2020 at 12:23, George McLean said:

So a lifelong bluenose who played for the club, albeit for a short period, is able to give his opinion on a media platform is an attention seeker according to you.  Away and don't talk utter nonsense,  Gareth has been given the chance to really shove it up that mob and he has taken that chance by saying how things really are. 

Agree GM is a genuine supporter, who managed to live the dream, wish more of our Media puppets had the muts nuts to do same.

SELIK even have fuds who are not genuine supporters, who were only Mercenaries, banging it into us, some were even Bears at Birth.

Fuds dont just pull our pants to side, put fucking rip them off, then bang it into us.

Need more of GMs likes, no holds barred with cunning and the odd tongue and check praise.

Never forget how much they all hate us but let it be known we dont care.

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