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* The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

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They know exactly what to say and when to say it. 

Their fans lap it up and play the victim card. 

The media lap it up and back cellics pro-active approach whilst questioning why nothing has been done to the bad songs that get sung at them. 

The original problem is forgotten about

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2 hours ago, Sparkle said:

Bbc radio Scotland led their sports news this morning with ‘cellic calling for an end to chants aimed at the club’

They lead the rancid media in this country by the nose-ring


As I said in another post S, they are scum but their PR is outstanding, of course helped by their friends in the media.

Sickening that we have no intention of competing with them in the PR war. :headwall:

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5 hours ago, Jelavic191 said:

So in the last few weeks we’ve heard that being racist and calling someone a paedo and now being sectarian and calling someone a paedo is the same. Wonder what connects these... 

This is the sort of thing that our board should be highlighting.

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Sigh (Evening Tims) ...

McInnes revealed the singing would be included in the match delegate’s report and expressed interest in seeing if the Parkhead club were also disciplined for the conduct of their followers at the cup tie.

But Clare Whyte, the SFA compliance officer, appears unlikely to take any action because celtic are able to demonstrate they took all “reasonably practicable steps” to prevent any disorder in the stands.

It has emerged the Scottish champions held talks with ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ in the days leading up to the semi-final to discuss their conduct and use of pyrotechnics at games following a series of flashpoints in high-profile matches.

Smoke canisters and flares have been set off at celtic games on several occasions this season. There was also a pitch invasion by occupants of the safe-standing section at Parkhead at the Old Firm game last month that resulted in the electronic advertising boards down one side of the pitch being knocked over and a steward suffering an injury.

The meeting with the ultras group - along with other preventative measures - has highlighted to the governing body that the double treble winners take the conduct of their fans seriously and are committed to ensuring a safe and family-friendly environment for spectators.

celtic released a statement on Monday evening denouncing the sectarian songs that were aired in the semi-final the day before - but also highlighting the behaviour of Aberdeen supporters during the same match.

celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell issued a statement after St Mirren keeper Vaclav Hlkady required treatment after a firework landed near him during a game against celtic in Paisley earlier this month.

He said: "There have a been a number of incidents across many clubs this season, with a range of items, including pyrotechnics, being thrown on to pitches. We need to do all we can to remove this from our game. The club does not want it, our players do not want it, our manager does not want it and our supporters do not want it."


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