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  2. ǝdod ǝɥʇ ʞɔnℲ
  3. Fuck admin, we can still get this to 1690...no surrender!!!
  4. Tbf Ave a neighbour I would love to knock fuck outta who thinks it's funny to make me Park a good 100 yds from the house and walk in the pissing rain with my daughter in hand but I like to think I'm the better man and not stoop to his levels. Makes it worse is he's a dirty stinking fenian who loves to put the boot in over the years. Guess whose having the last laugh now
  5. See a lot of that today was classic Lennon, victim card well played, siege mentality, everyone's against me/us! And it's actually working on some of them, clowns getting taken in by it, as being the victim is in their DNA
  6. Have we been took over by the Celtic management team? Expecting a rant blaming it on follow follow 😂
  7. Who is Martin Stirling and why should we believe him?
  8. @GabrielTomato and @MisterC have been on @Virtuosos meth pipe for at least 2 weeks imo
  9. He's absolutely fucked in the press tomorrow and has nobody but himself to blame.
  10. The hardest thing I've ever done is raising money for charity, doing the deed is easy raising the money is another ball game. Well done RangersMedia in all that you do.
  11. Don't think you need to explain buddy. Any father in that position would feel the same. I nearly battered my neighbour for beeping his horn and waking up my two year old two weeks ago. He's forty 🤣 Fwiw what you have done for the wee yin is incredible as well mate and we're all with ye.
  12. Cunts ready for another scrap.
  13. Agree. Was totally overwhelmed in all honesty. Admittedly my original post I get why people where annoyed but after speaking to @Govan Bearwho explained why my daughter never received a zoom call and then the clubs explanation made sense in that they had no control and was entirely left to the hospital. But honestly amazing what everyone done and can't thank everyone enough
  14. For the wind up, kinda i fucking hate that guy though he talks some amount of shite and he doesn’t even believe a word he says, no way He comes out with the crazy shit he knows will push peoples buttons and get them calling in making lots of £££ he will definitely have a cut fixed into his contract and that wank Ohara is trying to go down the same route with some of the shite he talks
  15. Surely next tune has to be billy boys
  16. Jobs for the boys eh? Fucking shocking state of affairs. Page 1690 was the most anticipated thing since 1800 hrs tonight for SSB.
  17. Should've been brought back long before now...
  18. All the best Rab. Genuinely so many reasons I have only visited one forum since i got one of those internet's.
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