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  2. Richard Goudhurst testimonial against Arsenal
  3. Get yourself pre-armed just in case https://www.mygov.scot/tenancy-deposits-landlords/
  4. My projected Golf Handicap Index takes me from 5.3 to 5.2. Chuffed, cut for doing fuck all
  5. I suspect a mixture of the bets going on us and 3 of their better players not travelling to Glasgow.
  6. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/12040/12116142/jermain-defoe-rangers-striker-reveals-his-top-five-goals-after-scoring-300th-in-club-football?fbclid=IwAR2Fxfak1JgsX9RZBgx5GYu2xQzzFrVULdxCvRb_iEY0KkMqM2FIHHtG1XU
  7. I’m not convinced they have really thought about this properly. For me it should have been a chance for teams from Northern Ireland, Wales, Malta, Estonia etc to directly qualify and play regular European football but I still don’t think many of them will even qualify for this tournament looking at the format.
  8. Interesting. There is an article on bbc today highlighting their 3 most dangerous players and Tiba and Kaminski are 2 of them.
  9. Landlords are wanks mine hasn’t been round in over a year and one of my windows is leaking telt him about 4 times
  10. I think it was mate a very underrated player or might be me🙄
  11. I think if i take a panel of wood out the washer/dryer bit it might fit. Hoping that the fridge will fit once I take the doors off and put them on the cupboard door 😂. Also meeting the landlord tonight and got a funny feeling she’s no going to give me my deposit. Despite the whole place left 10 times better than what it was
  12. I think the way the collar is sticking up shows you this is a quality item even the RFC is trying is trying to slowly escape the shirt, look tomorrow it'll no be there
  13. Genuinely looks like it was typed up on Champ Man 01/02
  14. Loaded questions provided to get the answers they want. Any club that gives them power to adjudicate given their shabby performance last time out is quite simply ran by incompetent leaders. We play to an end. Simple as that.
  15. The hassle I’ve had with integrated white goods. Washer/dryer doesn’t fit in the space. Cunts that delivered the fridge just left it had tae lift it myself into the space and it’s looking an inch or two too big. Cba
  16. Cheese Chicken tikka toasty wae garlic mayo on it. Fuckimg banging.
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