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  2. Fury’s too smart for AJ but definitely a fight I would like to see even without the belts on the line. Fury v Usyk could be an interesting match up. What’s your thoughts on that possible bout mate?
  3. It's a total myth that tall strikers should be good in the air. A wee guy with a good leap is every bit as good as a tall guy who can't jump.
  4. That’s irrelevant though. He’s giving credit to Caixinha when he doesn’t deserve any.
  5. It's like the night before Christmas. The anticipation of waiting to see what "Rangers are bad" story the Rhebel and Scum will run tomorrow.
  6. Be at the subway for guys selling
  7. Styles make fights I guess but probably not fighting like that. Maybe if he just went for the body and inside fighting. But Fury I think is the king right now.
  8. He had a boxing match with a master boxer. And he's a bigger guy. It was terrible tactics. He gave himself no chance of winning. If he's not willing to buckle down and be prepared to get wacked then hang em up and go live in Dubai or something.
  9. Wouldn’t say he’s shite I would say he’s a limited boxer who’s over achieved in an era where we’re not blessed with many if any true world class heavyweights. Also seems to have lost the heart he showed against Klitscho. When he takes heavy shots now you see his demeanour instantly change, looks like he doesn’t want to be there. Needs to find that fire again he had at the start of his career. I’m not sure he can though.
  10. Leverkusen will play the second string. Will still be enough.
  11. The guy has absolutely no idea what he's gotten himself into, no matter how much he says he does.
  12. His Youtube vid was one of the most impressive of any of our signings in recent years, if the coaching staff can get that out of him consistently we'll have some player.
  13. Certainly not Flange, you have much more work to do yet.
  14. Think i'll have a few nuggets on minus two along with a Rangers win.
  15. Aye, they are finally showing a bit of character and guts, just too late Friday was an utter disaster, come out of that better and today looks a whole lot different
  16. The taigs should extend Ange's contract, if they don't we should chip in money and do it for them 😀
  17. No he isn't. You don't beat who he has and be a unified champ and be shite.
  18. im gonna take take them for minus two or three @13/2 and 18/1 on Ladbrokes
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