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  2. I'd be surprised if there weren't mixed views in the dressing rooms also
  3. BBC willing to show a man getting cpr but not the second half, K
  4. No way in a million years can Dr's tell that someone is going to be ok after having to be resuscitated within an hour. You can have a bleed in the brain, be resuscitated and conscious, then die. No idea why this comes down to the players who have just formed a circle around a player they thought was about to die. UEFA should come out and say no from a wellbeing POV.
  5. I'm actually amazed at this game is going ahead but if the players are willing to play it then it's their decision. Personally i know i couldn't have.
  6. Last 4 minutes to be played of he 1st half. 5 minute half time break.
  7. Wanted Finland win for Kamara but hoping the Danes now. Cracking show of spirit to try shield his treatment.
  8. He isnt out of danger, but wont be for weeks or even months. He is in the place he will get the best possible care for though.
  9. It would have to be up to the players. Have to be mentally tough to do that so soon after what they just witnessed, but fair play to them.
  10. Fully expect it play out like a glorified training session.
  11. An element of them will probably be wanting to go and win and dedicate it to Christian though. Totally get where you're coming from mate and I'm not a doctor but I do remember Puerta walking off the pitch before collapsing again in the dressing room and dying
  12. According to his Eriksens agent he’s ‘out of danger and is able to talk’
  13. Here for a good time. Not for a long time So glad eriksens fine. Enjoy life to the full people
  14. Doesn't look like the BBC are putting it back on.
  15. There is an argument btw that the players are traumatised and should not be allowed to play under a duty of care owed to them. Fair argument, not sure where I sit. I'd probably go with the players if they asked to play.
  16. It better be 5-5 full time, do it for Chris🥳
  17. With all due respect, even the Dr's can't be sure he'll make a full recovery. So feeding that nonsense to the players that 'he's stable' in order to get a game finished is disgusting.
  18. I was not aware of that. So fair enough. Still predict it will finish 0-0 though.
  19. I honestly dont think that its all that controversial. Think you need to chill out a bit. Im very surprised the game is restarting tonight, but if they had stopped the Belgium game it would have been a bit strange.
  20. I just don't understand. You can't make a call on that to say that he is will be ok in that short period of time. What a fucking nonsense.
  21. How can you be? Honestly shocked they want to go ahead with it.
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