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  2. Any videos of our bench reacting to it?
  3. I'm sure in todays society people will be raging cos the maker of it didnt use white bags.
  4. @MattyBrowns hand after he takes his boxers off.
  5. Today
  6. Saw it remastered digital in 2015 on its 40th ann. limited cinema release.
  7. That;s the bridge at Riccarton, at what was McConnachie's, the fire station is just out of shot.
  8. Moi is Elyounoussis’ nickname.
  9. It's shite how a certain demographic of "bears" have changed this
  10. Indeed, the amount of turd polishing of his hoaching performances is something else.
  11. Unless that is just trolling TLB the leak is French speaking we know that now. Surely Ntcham wouldn't be that stupid 😂😂😂😂 to allow information to get out there via a source but still keep the moi I place surely he'd have asked for his name to be given instead of some French word.
  12. That's a fair point, if we're doing so well without him being in form, surely we'll be unstoppable if he does click. Regardless it's good to see we don't rely on him heavily like we did at one time, we have numerous others who can step up and change a game.
  13. Is this before or after? Seen a few that look pretty much like this.
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