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  2. I don't agree that Ajax are a massive club. They were a very successful club but their popularity was based on their football success at the time. You used to see a lot of Ajax tops but see hardly any these days. I don't believe they have a massive fan base either.
  3. Rangers , Celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts , Hibs and Hamilton Accies have all been contacted in the last few minutes....
  4. Seems like a last gasp throw of the dice by a sad defeated old man.
  5. The best thing ever right now would be for the Spanish Government to grant Catalunya independence and instead of a Super League Barca will be playing Espanyol, Girona, Gimnastic and Club Europa next season.
  6. Jason Leitch filling in for him? Cunt’s done everything else.
  7. Spotted next season with Abdul trying to hand out flyers at the away buses.
  8. Are you Scottish? He clearly isn’t meaning that in a derogatory way
  9. These clubs cannot be allowed to slither away from this without any consequences, they've withdrawn because they never saw this public backlash coming simple as that
  10. Might take a bit longer than a week tbf. Maybe a month or two.
  11. Tbh the Americans and Agnelli are just as culpable as Perez.
  12. Real Madrid to go bust within a week. (I haven’t heard anything, just joking)
  13. God knows. Doubt it. Nothing said about repercussions.
  14. Will there be penalties for these teams that started this?
  15. Sky Italy. Suspended pending lawyers to dissolve it in the morning.
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