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  2. Adrian Durham getting stuck into TLB for his interview yesterday .😂
  3. Slap a nerve? Immature little boy with the pish patter Away and wank into an omelette ya roaster
  4. Warning this video contains images that some may find funny
  5. After last weeks pitch we should be able to play ok in the Clyde mate.
  6. He was a bloody genius and I loved watching him play in the Royal Blue of The Rangers.
  7. You protest waay too much dhan. Think we've got a closet bead rattling, underage goat fucking tarrier here admin. Launch his sorry abused carcass back to kerryfail please.
  8. shame its a couple of sizes too small for you mate.
  9. All these UFO sightings and for what reason? If they’re scouting our planet for resources why do they keep coming back? Surely if they’re so advanced and we had shit they wanted they just crush us like a bug before taking what they want? So they keep coming back to verify we still don’t have anything they want. Or it has been different factions coming to us and finding out the same shite before flying off. We’d know about them if there were so many out there. what other reason they here for then? Make contact? Why they no making contact then? Just flying about watching us, are
  10. My first Rangers game at Ibrox was in 1998. We played Parma and drew 1-1. Don't remember anything of the match itself. Our seats were in the club deck toward the Broomloan end. The memory of Ibrox that has forever stuck with me is when I walked out into the seating area and saw the inside of Ibrox for the first time. I had seen it before countless times on TV and in photos but this just blew my little 7 year old brain. Every time I climb those steps and see Ibrox open up in front of me I feel like I'm a little kid again. My dad isn't here anymore but for a moment it feels like he i
  11. He had a poster of Amdy Faye on his wall when growing up.
  12. Millwall beat them twice last season too. 1-0 both times. Huddersfield won 3-0 at Birmingham last season. Could be a good shout. Might go for that and add Juventus. Missing Ronaldo but Barca seem to be a bit of a mess the now. Messi situation, chairman resigned the other day,beaten by Real at weekend....
  13. Serbian Defender Djordje Crnomarkovic, Polish Midfielder Jakub Kaminski and Portuguese Midfielder Pedro Tiba all started last week but not travelled today. Minor injuries.
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