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  2. Anyone seen the Barnsley owners comments on Scottish football? Arrogant bastard
  3. He taken himself out the firing line, not a fan of shark attacks and well to be fair his house being set on fire...says (he’s not) he’s away and puts another target in situ...other target takes about 12 weeks to realise this and steps down Guess work tbf ^
  4. “Alright Ba-hoys”…..how utterly cringeworthy
  5. I can’t believe our £20 million superstar McKee (who?) is being dragged into this argument over the gang of racist bigots at the record. A classic bout of whataboutery
  6. He said that at the start of the season did he not?
  7. Aye, I thought it was something similar to US sports where they rank teams based on their record but adjusted for the difficulty of the teams they've played. But this one is supposedly calculated based on the chances teams have created/conceded. Obviously it's being used by their fans to say that they've been unlucky and once they start taking chances they're winning the league...with Hibs in second. Pretty cruel to give them hope like that.
  8. The winner of the signed/framed jersey is Diane Hay who has been notified. Congratulations Diane! A wonderful £145 was raised via the raffle every penny of which will go to the Restoration of Rangers Graves project.This will help to ensure that our work continues over the coming weeks. Thanks very much to everyone who took part in the draw.
  9. More evidence that McPake & the Australian are out their depth
  10. That was my interpretation of it after a few seconds glance.
  11. Won the title largely without him last season.
  12. 1. Ailsa Turnberry 2. Kingsbarns 3. Torrequebrada Benalmadena
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  14. The boys that resigned from heart and hand should be reinstated, and if the rebel starts complaining, just say we'll resign when all you cunts resign until then we're staying put.
  15. Played my first game last night, seems harder to score yet I still won 3-2. Cunt had some excellent last ditch defending. Rangers 3-2 West Ham
  16. Press buttons and run towards ball
  17. I absolutely can, however standards are standards...
  18. His fitness is a problem. He’s a far more important player for us than many believe.
  19. Only played they new layout, but honestly it was mind-blowing. I dunno why, but I found The Kings a real let down. It's about 6th on my list. Might be because I played absolute shit on it to be fair.
  20. Pile of shite. They can win this fantasy league, the bank balance league and the most pointless passes in your own half league all they want. The only one that matters is the one we’re top of.
  21. Gerrard said "Ryan Jack is due back on the training pitch any day now and hopefully get him back with the group in a couple of weeks." September 24. Can't wait to see him on the pitch again, one of my favorite player.
  22. Rangers defended their player who had been racially abused on the pitch. The daily record went on a moral crusade against some bloggers in a pathetic attempt to smear the club. You're a smart guy, I'm sure you can see the difference.
  23. Son Gual in Mallorca. Played it twice. Beautiful golf course and probably the closest one I've played to Augusta......................Lots of aeroplanes come over you due to it being on the airport flight path but you quickly get used to that. Gleneagles Queens. Could have played any of the three but chose the Queens as considered the easiest. We played late September but the weather was fantastic. Played well, by my standards. Scenery jaw dropping. Nairn. Loved Nairn, mainly because we won that day and a got a decent birdie. Great course too. Went a bit over the top on the night out in Inverness after it though.
  24. Beat me to it mate How wide do we want it to be. Surely that should have been case closed after it was in the scabbiest Rangers hating rag.
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