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  2. Sure there is one on the switchback, superb stuff.
  3. Be some laugh if the actions of some wee adolescent fannies irked the wrong people so much that MSM actually started reporting with vigour The Real Atrocities attributed to that Rancid Club.
  4. Well Rangers as a club do give a fuck about the Royal Family and I'm sure they'll ensure that respect is paid in the appropriate way.
  5. Yeah fuck it, will probably just grab a xbox if I find one soon.
  6. Aww com one guys, can we no just give them a break. After all it was only the childish antics of a couple of wee kids....They don't know any better. But lets be honest there was no hope they were going to observe the minutes silence, same for next weekend as well. Can just imagine all the manky wankers booing at their own TVs on their piss stained couches.
  7. Hoping that we just keep our head down , let them make all the noise and turn up and play our game on the day . We show up at anywhere near our best and we beat them . Only thing I’m slightly worried about just now is our players get too riled by the comments and everything which has gone on last few weeks but I’m sure Gerrard will have a plan in place to make sure motivation is just right on the day. I would maybe imagine Kennedy is trying to get that reaction from our players but then I wonder if the dour- faced cunts even has the brains for those sort of mind games and pr
  8. I remember mjalby spouting the same pish in the papers leading up to an old firm game at Ibrox after we had already won the league in April FFS. Saying they were a better team than us. We pumped them 4-0 I'd take that in the upcoming Scottish cup game tbh.
  9. Correct mate. Going out a wee spin on my bike shortly and doing a paraphernalia check. Stickers- check Wallet- check Phone- check Water- check Stickers- check
  10. If he really wants the job then I am confused with regard to his current behaviour. He seems to be going all out to rile Rangers up ahead of the Cup tie, what with sticking his very big nose into the Rangers players disciplinary process, and now the comments following his team finally getting a half decent result against a very poor Livi side that seems to have found their true level again after the initial bounce under Martindale. One does not have to be a genius to guess at what the topic of conversation will be at Auchinhowie leading up to next weeks game.
  11. Think the other leagues down south are all 12pm kick offs on the Saturday
  12. Thought so. So there is an example with some similarity to Mendes - big club, lower club, bingo - we get a bargain and a very good player
  13. Actually wouldn’t mind doing that mate but have you ever seen me post a picture let alone a video on here, Said it on many occasions I’m a complete technophobe and you are currently looking at my IT skills 😂 Still trying to figure out where my avatar came from ffs 😂
  14. Does the tartan rug come with the scarf as part of the deal?
  15. Some disgusting and very taig like comments from some, no doubt new age SNP voting “fans” feel no affiliation with these cunts.
  16. Today
  17. I hope its added to our honours list.
  18. Hi! I have posted this on ebay.co.uk if anyone is interested in a Rangers scarf from the 60s: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133722429486
  19. Surely Premier Sports won't object to Sunday at 12pm or 4pm. Really don't see how that would have any negative impact on them.
  20. It was a great season for the club, but ultimately it also marked the end of an era as 6 months afterwards we’d completely collapsed domestically and in Europe.
  21. Switching matches to the Sunday makes the most sense so the authorities in Scotland will do something else.
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