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  2. Golovin , miranchuk , dzyuba all say your garbage
  3. Will be nice when we sing about him being "a sad Athenian bastard with a shite football team", can't be pulled up for that now surely can we ???
  4. Big Mikhailitchenko on standby in case of injury....
  5. Game needs a Ryan Giggs half time pep talk.
  6. Only because Big Cedric isn't playing, he would have had at least a brace by now 😉
  7. Cheers. Really odd that the shirt pull in the box wasn't pulled up. Defender was all over the big striker there.
  8. What a shit stadium. Need opera glasses at the seats..
  9. Is there VAR in this tournament because that looked a stonewall penalty to me?
  10. Milan aside surprised Rodriguez hasn’t got a bigger move in his career.
  11. Baku’s stadium is lovely but what a horrible choice to have it as a host city. Atmosphere is so flat.
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