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  2. It's a combination of teams in Europe being less physical and more attack minded and a better standard of referee, it's not rocket science. We always have to make sure when we bring in players that they can adapt to both styles of play.
  3. The game next will will be an absolute belter it’s just a shame there will be no fans there. Gala must be raging drawing probably the hardest unseeded team away from home. I didn’t think we were at our best last night but still came away with a 4-0 win. Let’s hope we are right on it next week.
  4. I do believe there's a wee flaw in your cash raising scheme 😂
  5. Man. I am very poor pronunciation. Get it. His idol okey
  6. maybe because they're not being assaulted by the cloggers with little to no protection
  7. Probably a silly question but since Ukraine have 3 clubs left compared to our 2 why is it a guarantee that we will get the 12 place? Is 13th enough for this two European places maybe? Edit: Sorry just realised, guaranteed to be in the top 15.
  8. I think he might be my accountant.
  9. This. The stench of green hanging about every corner of Scottish Football shows the big difference. Walking about teams better than St Midden in Europe; only to struggle against Sunday Team outfits domestically. So frustrating.
  10. I am a Galatasaray fan, too, everyone knows here. Sometimes we swear here with my Scottish friends. They call me a barber. I call them skirts too. But there is no problem with them. Because football is good that way. The beauty of football cannot be revealed without teasing each other. For us, the Rangera match will be a very important test. Normally these two teams should have matched in the quarter finals. If we can't beat the Rangers, I don't want to continue in Europe anyway. Because Rangers are a well-established club. And as a fan I would love to beat Rangers at ibrox. Besides, Hagi's ac
  11. one of the best ever is our Greegs, simply amazing
  12. hi guys first time on and just read this, WTF, this cannot be a Rangers fan surely, if he is then definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed
  13. In the interests of sporting integrity we will have to play on the Fri, wouldn't put it past the cunts at the spfl
  14. No conincidence Motherwell and the sheep got knocked out . Scottish football is a laughing stock . And teams defending at home in league games, tells you everything about our game domestically . And they havn't got the ability to raise their game in Europe . At least we are doing much better at dealing with Europe, than the dross served up as football in our league
  15. Never left the touchline from watching the footage . Yet he likes a comfy seat domestically . Must be the Scottish weather
  16. We’re a club team so we can’t enter world cups
  17. There are certain types of games our midfield struggles in and there are certain types of games our midfield excels in. Last night was excellent. We know how to play well in Europe, and we do so. For them to be a midfield to take us to 55, they need to adapt and up their game. All of them. And their boss.
  18. Its Gerrard thats holding the guy back , plays nothing but negative defensive crap in Scottish games. Last night and the games he plays for Finland has shown hes capable of a more attacking style.......
  19. The keyboard warriors back out again last night I see.
  20. Big advantage being at home and hopefully we go into it in as underdogs.
  21. Btw it’s alright to say we struggle domestically and prefer playing in Europe. That’s exactly how it’s been called by me and other posters in these threads since last Sunday
  22. Today
  23. I think our defence deserved more of the praise for our defensive record than McLaughlin, there were plenty of games where he wasn't really being tested. It might be a bit harsh, and I realise that, but I think McGregor could have saved us from Hibs, I just get that feeling. McGregor's no1 for me, he's proven himself against real high opposition (nothing to do with last night).
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