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  2. Great to see but we all know it's going to be taken away shortly because the scum who hate us just won't be able to stop themselves, whether it's the taig's or the separatists.
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  4. He was great for us for the half season we had him. Carr, Boumsong, Bramble and Babayaro is probably my favourite Premiership back four ever. They were fucking hilarious.
  5. Their ex players and staff get wheeled out all the time and make these daft claims and its just accepted by and large, yet look if someone puts a value on a Rangers player...again look at their ex player pundits laugh at it. Look at Barry saying that the French cunt is a £35 mill player all day long but a few months ago was saying our £20 mill valuation of Alfredo was too high.
  6. Ajer was genuinely 35-million a few weeks ago too lol - he's fucking pish
  7. Oaft mate.. I could tell you some stories as well, but..
  8. No. How many other clubs stepped in to support us in 2012?
  9. Years ago I was on it at the crack of dawn on on OF or Aberdeen etc now I dont bother to be fair I used to get into some states. I can still do the all do boozing no bother but I just don't. No reason atall why it ended. I remember years ago I took my partner and her mate to the old London RSC in Smithfield at 10 AM for a 12PM kick off and I was sloshed by KO as were they with all the guys buying them drinks and what not, can't even remember leaving never mind getting home, bare in mind that's a 45 minute journey
  10. I usually say to myself.. one beer pr half.. somehow it just accelerates... end up pished in 90 mins @Rfc52 will testify... I dont drink much....
  11. Frimgpong 50 million aye okay I am hiring myself out as gigolo for £3000 a hour, you only have to pay for 30% of that but still that's ludicrous.
  12. Oddly for such a lover and consumer of beer I never drink any during games. Even OF i just dont odd I know but will be on the water or whatever until 21:30 and then pile into the Zubr.
  13. Alright J, you are granted permission to pour yourself a whisky. Fuck sake.
  14. Jimmy Nicholl was born in Canada, eh? Hamilton, Ontario to be precise. A city can never have too many one way streets.
  15. Think that might be decent tbh. A new whisky liqueur that isn't bonnie prince charlie's.
  16. Ryan Babel - who spent 4 years in England at Liverpool as well as a stint as Fulham just last year
  17. Dont know what to expect.. Will get the usual nerves on and crack open a couple of beers. Like Gerrard said.. we respect them, but we fear nobody!
  18. Every club that was in the SPL in 2012 can fuck off, with the exception of Killie. Shouldn't forget that there were loads of wee teams in the lower leagues who were really welcoming to Rangers supporters on our way back up though. Welcoming for selfish reasons right enough though.
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