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  1. Jus finished this painting of Sir Walter and going to paint The Gaffer on the other side. Hoping it’ll turn out as well as the Adele one in the video ABD89374-41C3-43DD-AC41-2CADC3313F3D.MP4
  2. Boo it and you're a cunt https://www.rangers.co.uk/Article/letter-from-club-captain-james-tavernier/1tGKwZ0ChsxcgrXeGBvF6r
  3. Big Ange said he was gonna make celtic a pleasure to watch he aint wrong 😂
  4. Let’s be perfectly honest: neither you, nor I, have any knowledge or understanding of footballer’s medicals - more specifically which tests or checks are ran surrounding heart issues. Ofoborh is a Rangers player, who’s potentially just found out he’s got a life changing heart condition. We hope that isn’t the case. The most important thing here is that one of our own needs our support, regardless of whether he’s kicked a ball for us. I’m not saying you don’t care - obviously not saying that mate - but we could all chat all day about due diligence with medicals when none of us have a
  5. Brilliant video giving some insight to Calvin Bassey’s upbringing in the neglected London borough of Newham, early rejections in football, and his pride in being part of Rangers’ unbeaten, invincible 55th league title winning team. ”I remember seeing Gerrard the first day, I had to pinch myself, “is this real?”. A month ago I was in the ends, now I’m in front of Gerrard and he knows my name!” Always plays with a smile on his face. Love him.
  6. James Forrest as a seagull 😅
  7. Probably should know better at my age but I couldn’t resist, Tarrier stood in front of me at the checkout in the supermarket with his new black celtic shirt complete with big fuck off shamrock on the chest, As I’m getting in my motor I notice he’s on foot, Too good an opportunity to miss, Drove past him with both windows down and big Tina belting out Simply The Best 😂 I know im a big fucking wean 😂
  8. Pathetic as much as it is predictable. Let's hope tomorrow there's more common sense and decency. The fact this is even a topic of discussion for our Captain is so disappointing, let alone on our football forum. I'll finish with this - if you are thinking of booing tomorrow it couldn't be spelt out more clearly what our own players think of you. Get a fucking grip.
  9. Adding Sakala and Lundstram to the squad without spending a penny in transfer fees is great business. We are starting to see the rewards of having a clear plan which makes us look like we have a structured direction in terms of identifying problem areas and identifying targets a window or so in advance and that can only stand us in good stead going forward.
  10. We need to tell him to settle the fuck down with those types of performances while we're in a transfer window ffs
  11. Raiders of The Tossed Shark. Fixed that for him.
  12. Beginning to question if Rab is still the best choice to work the night shift at air traffic control.
  13. Getting Lennon on to discuss Celtics problems is the equivalent of asking Harold Shipman about Care of the Elderly.
  14. Let’s not forget that Graham Spiers compared this guy to Brendan Rodgers three weeks ago...
  15. Nice to see our social media admin also laughing at them
  16. Wait until he discovers the porn channels aren't pixilated over here. Wee cunt will be chugging himself daft.
  17. I still find myself absolutely amazed at the turnaround in the last couple of years After so many years of continuous shite we are champions and way out in front of them. Amazing. I love life
  18. The most important thing here is that this was identified, and can be treated, before anything potentially tragic happened.
  19. He was trying to get a 15 year old child to take and send naked pics of herself to him online. Needs hospital or professional help, what? He needs jailed and put on the nonce wing, quite rightly fearing of getting his fuck kicked in each day by the other prisoners. Help? If it had been my daughter he'd fucking need help alright, help stitching his face back together after i'd kicked it off him. Horrible bastard
  20. Bizarre that folk can claim the thumb didn't ask for pics, in the tweet you can see him sending two camera emojis The worst part of it is she then asks what he means and he tiptoes round it Cause he obviously knew she was just a young lassie which is why he didn't actually say send pics he just hinted at it, he knew she wasn't over 18 This isn't like some lassie with a fake ID getting into a night club and some guy assuming she's over 18, she's obviously a teenager, and he's got previous for this kind of thing. Hes a wrong yin and knew what he was doing.
  21. Celtic have now lost more league games this season than Rangers did the whole of last season.
  22. Aussie Pedro is fucked already and the next few months are going to be fucking spectacular.
  23. "Maintain the values and traditions of this club". Brings Griffiths back into the fold after he was caught messaging underage lassies. Heh.
  24. The funniest thing, in all of this, is some of the filth's outright denial about this entire situation. Like they genuinely think they're a couple of signings away from challenging and that they were shafted by refs tonight etc. They need an entire new squad. Their back 5 is a shambles and the kind of quality that should be playing for a Hibs or Hearts, not them. Long may it continue. They rock up to Ibrox with that team and we're going to absolutely smash them. I mean, our team of players who weren't playing today would beat them fairly comfortably.
  25. Anyone know who's goalie gloves these are?
  26. Anyone that boos it is condoning racism, there’s quite literally no other way of looking at it.
  27. I haven’t enjoyed a game of football like that in ages, pre-season or not. We were exceptional and some of the football we were playing was outstanding - so much movement off the ball! Fashion Sakala is going to be a star, and we are going to punish teams this season.
  28. Wasn't allowed on there training camp last year for being out of shape and sent home from this years for messaging children Imagine giving that guy a new contract
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