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    • Their main issue is wages, they’ve added a lot to their squad this summer and realistically haven’t got rid of anyone on decent wages. Players like Ajeti, Barkas, Duffy don’t come cheap, they’ll all be on £30-40k p/w at least due to their transfer fees/coming from the EPL. What is positive is despite all these additions, they aren’t stronger and haven’t increased the value of their squad.    If they don’t get EL/CL one season, they’d need to sell someone for big money. So would we might I add, but our wage bill is a fair bit lower. Their accounts are pretty decent if they can continue to sell someone for over £20million each summer, but they’ll be paralysed in the transfer market if they can’t....
    • No one is saying they'll go bust, however they needed say even a 12mill overall transfer profit just to nearly break even, and this summer they have added to their wage bill, they haven't sold a bean and spent more money, and with matchday revenue down across the board, they could be anywhere over 20mill in the hole next summer Ours will be bad too, probably show we need maybe 10mill again to see us to ST renewal time, but like last season our board will put into the accounts that they have guaranteed that money, whereas the tarriers have taken a 13mill overdraft with the co-op who still have securites over all their assets for an unpaid loan 😂😂 If it was true that our wage bill is half theirs, then our accounts wont look anywhere as bad as theirs, as their 80mill expenses is made up of a 60mill wage bill 😂
    • No chance sinclair was 4mill, not even close, if it was it would have been splashed all over the place, instead its "undisclosed" meaning buttons, 
    • If they get rid of Lennon they will have to go for the cheap option again. Someone like Jack Ross or Derek McInnes. 😂😂
    • @Dave King 👏👏👏 thank you.
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