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    • Look back on that season with pride in the team and support. Also when the sfa/sfl, whatever the fuck they were then showed their true colours by doing nothing to help the club both in the league and Europe. The hatred from the scum also poured out with all their cheap fake plans trying everything to stop us in Europe plus the league. Bunch of dirty, jealous, cover-up, bitter bastards.  
    • Run out of likes for tonight mate or I would have put one to this. Nice one. 
    • Thanks, I see. He should be wiser about using Twitter the daft bastard. 
    • I wasn't in the Travel Club that year. The way it used to work, you could find someone in the Travel Club not going and get him to submit an application saying he was going on a bus or something and the tickets would get released that way and passed onto you. Done that a few times. Just extremely grateful a friend of mine from Bristol was in the Travel Club so his ticket was already sorted, but had some season tickets in different names and some of the tickets got balloted between folk on the CCCS (I think?) and he was lucky again and gave me the ticket as he knew I'd been to them all, including using his ticket for a couple of lesser games that he never went to which kept his Travel Club points up - so he came good for me. 
    • Exactly. Its the follow up tweet to another one where he is talking about a black man who is racist in south africa towards white people. Looking at the 2nd tweet in isolation makes it look like he is saying this is his view. When you look at the tweet as a follow up to the first tweet, it changes the context completely. His use of english is fucking horrible, but he is not saying that 'He' himself hates white people, he is saying 'He' (The racist black man in South africa) hates white people.
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