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  1. You are the biggest fucking wank on here, everyone hates you, and you are the person I have the least respect for on this whole forum. I'm annoyed that i even posted this because it is exactly the kind of reaction cunts like you desire.
  2. I abhor violence and violent acts and do whatever I can to avoid it. That said though, I'd love to smash your face in with a shovel you utter wanker.
  3. At least you guys can always cheer for England.
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  4. don't understand people who don't want their country do well. I was cheering on Scotland today as if it was an OF match in the final of the CL!
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  5. Only in Scotland eh! the amount of Scots on here that either wanted us beaten or were totaly nonplussed is amazing, and its one thing i just cant get my head round, SWSL pretty much gloating wtf is that about? Our support as a unit are quite a sight and sound, the fragmentation when its international week is unreal, as are the bollox reasons for not supporting the country of their birth, i've lived around the London area for the last 20 odd years and the passion for my country and my club has not diluted one iota.
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  6. Why the fuck do you stay here then? Are you fucking mentally ill or something.
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