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  1. Now that was the place to be. Told the story on here about the bird I shagged. Turned out she went to my school but i never knew her, was 2 year below me maybe 3 and spent a week in her house, ouit my tits every night with her being as filthy as fuck. Invited a couple of my mates up to shag her pal and we went into a room she told us "nobody go in there" it was her brothers room aberdeen fan it turned out, so we burnt his season ticket and wrote sheep shagging bastard in a perny pen on his wall. Oh to be young and immature again :praise: :praise: Bearsden birds are the bees knees :drool:
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    • Doubt it, you havent paid it, thats like saying 3 years of transfer fees to pay would show They would have an actual wage figure which will include the deferrals, but most likely a notice somewhere saying why its reduced Only way i can see how their operating expenses dropped by that much, no way the shutdown saved them 7mill expenses in day to day running costs, surely it has to be wages saved
    • One thing DK said which is looking so true, "they'll collapse like a pack of cards".  
    • Comparing their last two accounts you'd have to think with a full covid season they'd need nearly 20mill this year  Say they averaged 25 quid a ticket across the whole europa league campaign, that's 11mill in general ticket revenue off next accounts, not even the ppv they sell will get close to covering that, so already needing to sell say 12mill worth of players to break even, add another 11 onto that,  Also, their ST sales may or may not be down, if they are thats another dunt of revenue out the window Their accounts are far from decent as they show an absolute horror show coming up
    • Wouldn't pay deferrals still show in operating expenses?
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