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  1. Fantastic PZJ but I won't believe anything until the EC officially acknowledge the investigation is opened. Once this happens we really need start the smear campaign, the guilty before innocent verdict, the financial doping/cheating, the punishments etc. All for parity of course
  2. Yeah it's fucked up. Imagine we opened one third of player and Motherwell owned the other 70%. Bizarre set up
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  3. Russia to win both halves v Morroco and Poland btts v Lithuania 5 pays 75 Hopefully to add the World Cup kitty
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  4. Need this story to go mainstream to get any kind of impact imho, mate of mine who has no interest in cyberspace had never even heard of this case and therein lies the problem. Might take something like Rangers making a complaint to Uefa or something like this to make the scum media sit up and take notice. Sadly doubt anything is going to happen to them as the timmy mafia in this country will protect them.
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