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    • Keep the heid. Too early. A couple of draws and this all goes to shit mate. Let’s have a look end of December. 👍
    • Morelos has kept playing because Roofe and Itten are new and have had injuries, Gerrard would have hoped he’d reclaim his form at some point and that we’ll be conscious about losing value on our biggest asset. None of those factors will last must longer and it won’t be long til Morelos is on the bench.  FWIW I hope he refinds his form and I hope he bags a hat trick today as much as anyone. But if we had only signed him in January then he’d already have been labelled as a poor signing, he’s been off it since then. He needs sidelined until he refinds his form and then by all means he can come back into the team with no complaints 
    • Barker contributed fuck all bar one run. 😅 To compare that to Morelos the other night is utterly ridiculous.
    • Would be good if Rangers did do one of these documentaries to see a bit of the behind the scenes stuff, could probably do without the added distractions this year tho.
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