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  1. Now that the Police have charged an individual with racially abusing Alfredo Morelos at the Old Firm game on 29 December, it is necessary to state yet again that racist abuse, indeed abuse of any form, must never be condoned or dismissed. The first thing to be made clear is that even though many others commented on the issue of abuse (racial and sectarian) directed towards Alfredo Morelos, Rangers had a duty of care not to say anything that might compromise a live Police Scotland investigation. What none of us should ever do, however, is dismiss, or trivialise abusive behaviour as too man
  2. Ally McCoist: Much more than a pundit & the funny man of football Callum McFadden 3 mins ago A few months ago on CFB, Iinterviewed former Rangers and Dundee United player Jon Daly. Tune in here – https://anchor.fm/footballcfb In the course of our wide-ranging discussion, Jon speaks emotionally of the personal touch Ally McCoist showed towards his dad, who was in the later stages of cancer when he first arrived at Rangers from Dundee United. His story begins when his family flew over to Glasgow to see him score his first goal for the club – one of four on the day –
  3. Enjoy www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm1-o7Drza0 www.vimeo.com/381956138
  4. The war against racism in Scotland has suffered a considerable setback in recent times, despite the multitude of diversity workshops being run regularly in our country. Such setbacks have not come courtesy of a group of marauding right wing thugs embarrassing our nation but an ignorant media displaying a complete lack of self-awareness and compliance with the material and training provided in the aforementioned diversity workshops. Our national broadcaster, BBC Scotland, lowered the crossbar considerably, providing a platform for allegations that a victim’s claim of racial abuse was solel
  5. Btw did a fuck well up watching that. Its superb
  6. From the record Alfredo Morelos and the disgusting Rangers abuse his rivals will dish out to rile him up - Gary Ralston If the Colombian striker was Scottish the Ibrox star would have a statue outside Hampden. Alfredo Morelos can sleep easy as he heads into 2020 no matter the result at celtic Park. One Scotland, many cultures? It’s unlikely the Colombian striker will be called up any time soon and asked to lend his endorsement to the Holyrood campaign. Scottish football can be a brutal, tribal business, but the civic nationalism espoused by Nicola Sturgeon was lon
  7. Absolutely get yourself to fuck. Shower of fenian bastards. Almost 3 week after the game, 4 hours before kick off and they hit us with this nonsense. Stealing polis hats, tying scarves to goalposts all good craic. One defeat at that fenian shithole and it’s bedlam. Fuck off.
  8. I don't see this as a downer of a post, I would like to say something so please stick with it because it ends in a thank you to you all. Maybe it's corny, but I don't care. I will not be celebrating Christmas and probably not New Year, I am stuck down in England because my wife is in an intensive care unit and is very ill. I moved down here for work so don't have any friends or family around me. But I have to be here for my wife. I have to be honest, I have found it very hard to cope. What I want to say is, although a lot of you may dismiss me as a cunt or a smart ass or whatever, yo
  9. People lost the plot after the Hibs game and wanted him sacked. Since then we’ve been brilliant and beaten Galatasaray and Celtic. We’re playing brilliant football. Some of the best football I’ve seen a Rangers team play in a long time. We CAN win things with this man in charge and he needs our full support.
  10. What a bloody disgrace that with an average attendance of 3,849 they can put a grass pitch down that's as good as any in the country, yet Hamilton Accies with an average attendance not much less than Ross County, and Kilmarnock with an average attendance of 6,894 continue to put down those fucking horrible plastic monstrosities that are an embarrassment to the Scottish Premier League. What makes it even more ludicrous is that Hamilton and Killie insist they have to have plastic pitches because of the severe weather conditions, which in itself is a total joke when you compare Kilmarnock a
  11. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18145078.steven-gerrard-reckons-alfredo-morelos-critics-want-kill-ibrox-career-can-fire-Rangers-success/ Steven Gerrard reckons Alfredo Morelos critics want to kill his Ibrox career because he can fire Rangers to success By Christopher Jack @Chris_Jack89 Alfredo Morelos 4 STEVEN GERRARD has accused the critics of Alfredo Morelos of attempting to drive him out of Scottish football because he has the potential to fire Rangers to silverware success. The Colombian has repeatedly come in for attention throughout his Ibrox care
  12. RIP to the 66 bears that went to follow their team and never came home.
  13. This is like somebody watching the twin towers collapsing live in front of their eyes, and wondering why you cant get Creamola Foam anymore.
  14. https://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/rangers-repeat-var-call/
  15. He should have shouted racist abuse , flown a foreign flag while representing Scotland and have a dependency on illegal substances while breaking SFA rules on betting . He'd have been given hugs and portrayed to be the victim
  16. Think it's a mistake to gloat about this at this particular time. Folk at Hearts and other clubs will lose their jobs/have their salary cut at a time when it will proper fuck them and when there's more than enough to worry about anyway.
  17. Not interested in 1 penny back
  18. What a day, my wife gets the all clear from the cancer clinic (thank you NHS) and then this result! I’m buzzing!
  19. Dont be fucking stupid man. Thats Dutch and Turkish opposition we've knocked out. I've seen us lose to alkmaar and fener and gala before. They ties are not givens. Fucking give credit where its due
  20. As with all businesses throughout the United Kingdom and beyond, Rangers is continuing to deal with the implications of the Coronavirus pandemic. We have carefully considered measures which ensure that all employees are treated fairly and with respect whilst we safeguard our club finances in such uncertain times. No professional football club or business is immune to the challenges of this unprecedented situation and as a club, we will continue to review actions necessary to navigate our way responsibly in such a changeable environment. Rangers can confirm that First Team players, Ma
  21. Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos discusses racism, life in Glasgow and why he believes he is sometimes misunderstood in an exclusive wide-ranging interview with Sky Sports News' Craig Slater. Racist abuse from the stands and in the streets of Glasgow will not drive Morelos away from his adopted city, as the Colombia forward describes how he's adjusted to the Old Firm goldfish bowl. He explains why referees and the media misunderstand him, but admits he needs to improve his discipline or risk missing out on a move to one of Europe's top leagues. Not that he has any plans to leave Steve
  22. King has made mistakes, but without him, we would be fucked. He goes with my best wishes imo.
  23. Enjoy www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkRSEMT6w2k www.vimeo.com/469304925
  24. This is the first time I have started a topic on here but I have been saddened by some of the comments on here of late so here goes. I believe that AM has been a good servant to our club. He has always been honest that he viewed us as a stepping stone to enhance his career, many of us diehard Rangers fans would say that he already plays for the best club in the world but he is Coulumbian and had probably never heard of Rangers before he joined. He has, generally, performed very well for us and at times carried the team in Europe. On top of that he was a bargain, thanks go to JJ, and h
  25. RangersMedia strongly condemns racism and absolutely, unequivocally backs the Club statement. Our views on a healthy and open debate will not change, though this cannot be misconstrued with believing you can post what you want. Personal abuse of each other, or our players, will not be tolerated. Any posts with racial slurs or connotations will be removed and you will be banned. Rangers have set out a strong mandate and we will stand by our Club in enforcing it.
  26. https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/sport/football/five-times-Rangers-waster-alfredo-17559594 Well done Old Firm Facts and Glasgow Live for publishing this article. A truly well researched and well written piece. Others, take note.
  27. Couldnt see this posted? Amazing news. 👏
  28. Absolute pleasure and privilege to have him commentating on Rangers TV. You can tell he does his research with scrutiny. Well worth the TV package.
  29. Fuck International breaks.
  30. If it was me I’d be ignoring the game and hand and be trying to motivate the team to get above the scum without it. I’d be treating it psychologically like we are still two points behind. Then once we get the chance of playing the game in hand we might not need it.
  31. Own goal aside, which was unfortunate, I thought he was outstanding tonight and he’s been one of our best performers in the group stages overall. If he continues performing like he has been this season then it won’t be long before teams come sniffing about him.
  32. Loved this. Proper fight, proper passion, proper player. What an improvement in both performance and mentality from him this year. He’s come out his shell with no fear, culminating in this moment, which I can’t imagine seeing from him last year. Exceptional rise.
  33. All set for the big man to arrive 🎅 I wish you all a very good Christmas and the best New year ever 🥂 Special mention to those who have lost loved ones, we are all with you xx
  34. Once again our support seems to have assumed that after beating them last month that 55 was ours even though the season was halfway through. And again after a defeat we get the usual hysteria that the race is over, we're shite, Gerrards a dud etc. When the hell will folk realise that you gets bumps along the road and that not everything will go our way? Too many willing to throw in the towel after one defeat, our second of the season in the league! Yes the form has been poor since the winter break and you can put that down to more than one thing but are we out of the title race? No!
  35. We’re literally 1 game into the season 🤦‍♂️
  36. Making money directly from their misery really is heartwarming stuff
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