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  1. This site is mental, just seen you get pelters in another thread claiming you’re not a bear yet here you are looking to help out younger fans with their collections 😂 good man 🔴⚪️🔵
  2. Already got my tickets for next seasons cup games
  3. This guy has a massive piece so I have my doubts it’s eejay
  4. Just keep your account secure mate
  5. Don’t pm me again ya weirdo
  6. Send the poster @tannerall a video of you scoring a goal directly from an out swinging corner kick and we can get you verified pal
  7. Just found the email in amongst all the other emails about buying products with 55 on them
  8. Is this a thing or is this guy just no at the races? Was on the louden page on Facebook
  9. The op stood in pish in GS and isn’t too pleased edit- pissed off you might say
  10. I’m not ready to release it yet
  11. I’ve got screen shots of what you said at the start of the season so just watch it pal
  12. How the fuck is there fans in this?
  13. Please tell me you’re joking, @ShaneRalfRossplease tell me he’s joking
  14. Scoring goals like they’re going out of Sakala
  15. Enjoying even seeing the smaller crowd in the ground, much more enjoyable than an empty stadium
  16. How they gave a free kick against Chelsea for that btw 😂
  17. Buzzing for the Scotland squad
  18. Ridiculous, even worse that var have checked it
  19. I’m not doffing my hat to you fwiw
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